Oct 7 2015
07:49 pm

...they get bought out by Gannett.

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Decoding The Tennessean's "Newsroom Of The Future" Statement

The Tennessean essentially fired its staff yesterday.

That's not snark. There were 89 slots in the newsroom, and there will be 76 at the end of the month. Everyone has been invited to reapply for jobs in the new newsroom.

My sincerest condolences to those about to weather the ongoing zombie apocalypse that is a Gannett newsroom, in which the survivors truly envy the dead.

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If you've not encountered a Gannett newspaper's web presence

consider yourself lucky warned.

It's the most utilitarian, boring, unreadable template this side of a Myspace homepage.

Just spend about 10 minutes navigating the Tennessean's webpage. Ugh.

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Nicely played by JMG and E.W.

Nicely played by JMG and E.W. Scripps.

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Wow! I'm sort of

Wow! I'm sort of shocked.

Can't really see Gannet's web presence being any worse than the KNS.

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Just wait until the daily

Just wait until the daily survey questions start popping up.

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Also, Gannett now controls

Also, Gannett now controls the newspapers in Tennessee's three largest markets, along with TV stations in Knoxville and Nashville (don't know about Memphis). Who regulates this stuff? The FCC?

Thank goodness for the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Maryville Daily Times.

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Tv stations are totally different company now. Just like Scripps/Journal. Must keep the profits separate from the weights dragging you down.

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I don't think the FCC takes an interest

in broadcast media market share monopolies. Clear Channel should be instructive on that front.

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I hope they don't include

I hope they don't include more USA Today junk in the paper. Not worth reading. Really miss the WSJ section in Sunday's paper

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Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis Star, which has been in the Gannett stable for more than a decade, incorporates a 6-8 page "USA-Today-Lite" national and international news section in each daily edition.

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And the Haslam clan quietly

And the Haslam clan quietly smile. Don't think Jimmy Jr. will get any bad media now.

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Probably the best thing to happen to the KNS in 40 years

Tennessean has no problem taking a long hard look at what Billy Haslam is doing/or is not doing in Nashville, don't think they'll have any trouble calling them like they see them in Knoxville, particularly if they toss most of the wanna be crowd out of the News Sentinel sooner rather than later.

The Tennessean, the Memphis Tennessean, and the Knoxville Tennessean, could be a virtual newsroom and reporters that report on all things in and around the three largest cities in Tennessee.

Television properties have already been seperated and maybe they'll compete with each other from time to time rather that looking to see what the other is doing before they decide if they'll piss anybody off or not get invited to the next big party if they actually do their job.

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The Tennessean, the Memphis Tennessean, and the Knoxville Tennessean, could be a virtual newsroom and reporters that report on all things in and around the three largest cities in Tennessee.

That's funny. The Nashville based Tennessean (a/k/a the weekly Kroger ad delivery wrapper) scarcely does a good job of reporting what's going on around Middle Tennessee.

Just as an example: They fired the beat reporter for the NHL franchise just as the hockey season was starting. What sort of daily has a professional sports franchise literally 6 blocks away and doesn't have a headcount to cover that franchise?

That's to say nothing of what's happened to investigative reporting (Walter Roche, quit), courts reporting (Bobby Allyn, fired), prep sports reporting (Mo Patton / Chip Cirillo, fired), music industry reporting (Peter Cooper, quit), Metro government coverage (Michael Cass, quit), Titans reporting (Jim Wyatt, quit), state government coverage (Chas Sisk, took the package), copy editing (Jon Houghton, fired), editor (Scott Stroud, quit), photojournalism (Steve Harman, fired).

But they do maintain a guy on staff whose sole job is to reformat press releases from real estate developers as "news" articles. A crossing guard has a more challenging job.

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Don't be cracking on crossing guards.

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