Dec 12 2012
02:39 am
By: EricLykins  shortURL

Read the Kansas City Star today, never eat mechanically tenderized beef again?

Related: The importance of "rest."

Skipster's picture


That KC Star article is making me rethink all those medium cooked steaks and hamburgers I've had. They say that well done is the safest way to go and I always just brushed off that advice. Maybe it's not such bas advice, after all.

gonzone's picture

I have found the overall

I have found the overall quality of beef has been going down for years now. It has gotten to the point where I rarely eat any beef nowadays. I blame the large processing plants putting local butchers out of business.

zoomfactor's picture

Must.... have... meat...

That's crazy that Ms. Ashbrook still eats red meat after her kidneys were maimed by Applebee's.

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