FDL was Whipping the Super Congress, until the vote got moved up, but not before talking with Jim Cooper (D?-TN)

Jim Cooper (D-TN) tells Massacio that “He is a yes on the debt ceiling. He understands that there will be cuts to Social Security and Medicare and that is fine with him.”

Other TN responses:
Steven Cohen, well, I'm sure it's too late now, but how about following your conscience on how this will impact the people you represent?

Steve Cohen (D-TN) is “torn between conscience vs. supporting the Prez.”

That was posted after this:

Steve Cohen (D-TN) – “Staffer said he had not made up his mind but wanted a balanced approach. I want to poke my eyes with needles. Offered me soothing bromides about CF II and said that Democrats would never vote for major cuts to SS and MM. I countered everything but it was like talking to a very nice wall. It listened, but it just patted me on the head and told me not to worry, this was months down the road and who knows what will happen.”

I expected as much from Duncan:
John Duncan (R-TN) – “staffer listened politely but did not know how he was going to vote on the Super Congress business. Claimed he was reading the bill.”


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