Aug 16 2008
01:39 pm

What editorial devil possessed the KNS to publish the "Citizen's Voice" tripe by June B. Griffin in today's (Aug. 16) edition? Headlined "Sen. Jessee Helms was a true patriot," it could almost pass for clumsy satire. After canonizing her hero for his "patriotism" and his staunch stand against "foreignism," Griffin declares it a "shame and disgrace" that Helm's body "was not lying in state at the nation's capital."

The writer concludes this orgy of lunacy with what is surely one of the more unwittingly ironic statements ever to (dis)grace the editorial pages of the KNS: "I expect to greet him in the 'Pearly White City.'"

Pearly white, indeed.


Larry Van Guilder

Edit: I knew I had heard the writer's name somewhere before. A Google search turned up this: (link...)

talidapali's picture

I read her editorial...

my immediate thought was:

"Well, there's a throwback to an earlier stage of evolution."

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

Oh, there's a lot that can

Oh, there's a lot that can be said about that particular character, but I think her undying devotion to Jesse Helms pretty much speaks volumes on its own.

Rachel's picture

June is a real piece of

June is a real piece of work.

I told the spouse this morning that if the KNS was willing to publish tripe from folks like her, I needed to try my hand at a column.

Bbeanster's picture

I met this psychobitch when

I met this psychobitch when she came to a county commission meeting to introduce her "God" amendment. She's crazy as a rat in a coffee can. And quite the darling of the white "nationalist" movement. I cannot imagine why the NS gave her space on the opinion page. She is beyond notorious.

Rachel's picture

She was also in the

She was also in the forefront of the "ban gays from Rhea County" thing.

I first met her when I sat next to her at an Earth Day event at UT about 10 years ago. She was there to protest the DFH communist environmental whack jobs. #9 would have loved her.

R. Neal's picture

They published an op-ed by

They published an op-ed by June Griffin? What the hell? Is the KNS not familiar with June Griffin? Ask BBeanster about her.




A Daily Show tribute:


I believe she also gave a eulogy at Byron de la Beckwith's funeral.

(EDIT: I got interrupted while typing this and see Betty has already weighed in.)

Anonymous's picture

well larry and betty

why don't the two of you call Sandra's boss Publisher Bruce Hartmann and ask him and give him your input to your company's decision.

Bbeanster's picture

Brian, are you lost?

Brian, are you lost?
I think you've posted to the wrong thread
Or maybe not. Hornbackian is difficult to parse. I guess you're sticking up for Ms. Griffin. That makes sense.

why don't the two of you call Sandra's boss Publisher Bruce Hartmann and ask him and give him your input to your company's decision

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