Jul 21 2014
06:58 pm

Jason Emert is really pulling out the negative stops in his bid to unseat our successful and popular incumbent, Gloria Johnson. We received several of his attack mailings last week and there were two more in the mail today. One of them is totally negative and only tries to whip up enough misdirected hate to vote against Rep. Johnson. The other is equally negative on one side, but presents Mr. Emert on the other, as he is quoted to state, "Obamacare will not come to Tennessee on my watch. ..." (It also states that Emert is "Fighting Medicaid Expansion...")

If I may: OK, then.

This level of negative campaigning should be enough to disqualify anyone, but could he possibly be so misinformed himself as to think that Obamacare is not already our law? Or is Emert just banking on his voters being as ignorant as he claims to be?

If voters think Obamacare is not yet the law here, they must not have a problem with living under it. Who's going to break it to them that Emert takes them for fools?

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OK, then, indeed. I'm going

OK, then, indeed.

I'm going with option (b), but option (a) wouldn't surprise me.

Thanks for the report.

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Odd strategy. He'd probably

Odd strategy.

He'd probably be smarter to attend to his primary opponent at this point.

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Emert's mailers

turn my stomach.

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Constituents knock on his

Constituents knock on his door!

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Man, I love this photo so

Man, I love this photo so much.

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that pic just made me give more money to Gloria.

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Great idea!

Done and done.

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They're modern looking! (i.e., liberal)

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We are told that Tyler Harber

We are told that Tyler Harber is running Emert's campaign? Can anyone confirm this? Might explain the tactics.

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I got to know Tyler Harber

I got to know Tyler Harber fairly well in the course of researching the peccadillos of the Ragsdale administration. In fact, those are probably the longest, most intensive interviews I've ever done with anybody, including Tattoo Eddie and Tim Burchett.

And not one thing he told me has ever turned out to be false. Not. One. Thing.

In the years since, I have stayed in touch with Tyler, who is now a very successful Washington D.C. Republican political operative, and I do not believe he is affiliated with Emert's campaign at all. He has been friends with Emert and his family since childhood, and doubtless wishes him well, but has moved on with his life – married to a successful novelist, two kids, consulting work all over the globe, talking head job on Faux News. In short, he has put Knoxville in the rear view mirror.

I like Tyler, and we talk on the phone and email occasionally. He's real smart, very practical and not terribly ideological (think a younger Steve Schmidt). People need to remember how young he was when Mike Ragsdale had him pulling all those shenanigans 10 years ago. Heck, he wasn't even legal to drink when I first met him.

In short, Tyler has assured me he is not involved in Emert's campaign and I believe him. He's got better things to do.

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