Sep 15 2017
01:25 pm

For the first time in forever, I made my way to the Guy Friday Breakfast. There was always the chance that some one new and interesting would show up and that was the case today.

The Democratic candidate for the Senate seat currently being ineffectively held by Bob Corker, James Mackler and his campaign assistant (whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten) were the two unknowns at this morning's breakfast.

Mackler is a decorated Army helicopter pilot and a JAG officer. Currently he serves in the reserves but he initially signed up for active duty. He is, of course, a lawyer (I say of course because that is what JAG officers are) and has worked in that field in the civilian world as well.

I found him to be engaging and willing to consider ideas from others. He says that he is running FOR that seat and not AGAINST any specific person. Still, I do not get the feeling that he would be afraid to criticize and/or stand up to those that deserve it.

I talked to him for 15 or 20 minutes and was able to listen in as he engaged others. I did not see or hear anything that would make me reluctant to support him. As a matter of fact, his demeanor and statements were sufficient to have me thinking that I could have happily served with him in the military. (hint: That is pretty damn high praise.)

While I want change in our Congress, I have no desire to install someone who does not and cannot understand our system of governance, flawed though it may be. Rather, I want someone that could be effective early on but who would also keep learning and keep seeking to improve our nation. Unless something I seriously do not anticipate comes along, I anticipate voting for Mackler without reservation. You should take a look at him as well.


Rachel's picture

Sounds good. But don't

Sounds good. But don't forget Renee Hoyos. It's wonderful to have a Democratic primary for this seat with two good candidates.

mudcop1's picture

Two different seats

Mackler is running for Corker's Senate seat. Renee is running for Duncan's House seat.

Rachel's picture

Well, duh. I had him

Well, duh. I had him confused with Joshua Williams.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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