Jul 25 2021
08:21 pm

"I feel it is important I make it clear that under no circumstances will I issue any new COVID restrictions.” WVLT reports...

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Under no circumstances will

Under no circumstances will he be a decent person?
Under no circumstances will he take responsibility?
Under no circumstances will he be a leader.

JR01's picture

Whatever turns this red state blue I guess

I shouldn’t be punished for other people not doing what they’re supposed to do. Vaccinated and free over here.

Celestial Dung's picture

And most Tennessee residents are not doing the right thing.

"Vaccines are now readily available across the county for those who want them, and our economy cannot sustain another devastating lockdown. I have faith in the people of this county to make the decisions that benefit their families best,” he continued in the thread.

So he really is more concerned with the financial well being of the county then the actual well being of the citizens.

I swear this is every stereotype of what a Republican official is brought to life, provided those are still considered stereotypes.

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Are all of you retired?

So he really is more concerned with the financial well being of the county then the actual well being of the citizens.

Right. That's so stupid. Not just because it's a scurrilous accusation, but also because if you have decoupled the idea of the economy from the well-being of people, you've decoupled yourself from reality and shouldn't even be thinking about politics.

I wish everyone would get the vaccine. I wish they'd all get all the vaccines. I really do. If they don't, they too are behaving almost as stupidly and irresponsibly as you are when you're even thinking about politics.

But the damage caused by super-intense interference with people's freedom of movement, especially in light of the fact that there is an array of effective vaccines widely and cheaply available and so many people have bared the arm already, isn't justified by the risk posed by this virus at this time. It's weird to even be associate this lockdown thing with "risk" when its effects are more akin to guaranteed heavy damage of much greater consequence than the problem it pretends to address.

Anyway, the time for all that control freak fear sh*t will be when the next Republican's in the White House.

bizgrrl's picture

Nothing wrong with a mask

Nothing wrong with a mask mandate and distancing. That's not being a control freak that is caring about the citizens and economy. Nothing wrong with vaccine requirements just like measles, mumps, and once was polio. Society has requirements otherwise there is mayhem, death, destruction, and no economy.

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Implications for our future

It appears the mayor perceives a mandate requiring masks & vaccinations as some sort of battle or threat as opposed to responsible governing. The idea that requiring people to wear a mask & get a vaccine to manage a deadly pandemic restricts "freedom of movement" is incomprehensible. It's delusional. It's rooted in an ideology that says governing isn't important.

When I look at the substance of the mayor's statements I see someone who is ignorant about how societies prosper. If we want to live in a functioning society we need empowered public health institutions, run by healthcare professionals who set health standards for everyone. Without that, nothing in society can function as it should. Essentially, when people are afraid of catching a deadly disease and they see their governing institutions fail to act, they won't participate as full members of our community.

It's morally repugnant that we have Republicans who treat governing institutions as irrelevant. Their warped ideology has massive implications for our future.

Celestial Dung's picture

Yep, working.

Finances are only a part of a person's well being, not the whole thing nor the ultimate gauge of how well that person is doing. I'm sure their are plenty of financially stable people getting the Delta for instance.

And finances are just a small part of a society's well being as well. The United States is a pretty wealth nation, but for all that we're looking like a backwards society that doesn't trust science.

But back to Mayor Jacobs quote.

"I feel it is important I make it clear that under no circumstances will I issue any new COVID restrictions.”

None? Not even if say Knox County gets hit so hard the hospitals are full? Not even if all those tourists with free tickets ignore us because of the pandemic? Not even if more and more people die? I mean this is a big quote. This is a guy that says he won't budge no matter what catastrophe occurs.

Politics is how a society works. I'm thinking about because I am not happy with how our society doesn't work.

bobbylife's picture

I was pretty clear...

...about what I was talking about.

...super-intense interference with people's freedom of movement,...

It's anybody's guess what Jacobs means when he says something that sounds so absolute, and I won't pretend I know what he's talking about, but I can guess that there's a continuum there. Who knows? But that is what I'm talking about.

Mask mandates? Probably just a security blanket you wear on your face to placate the terrified.

Vaccine mandates for COVID? Not dangerous enough. You're still an idiot if you don't get a shot, but being unvaccinated for this virus isn't equivalent to being a mass murderer or even a misanthrope. It just means you're a scared, inconsiderate dumbass.

I prefer to coexist with those to most of the alternatives I can think of. I realize that's not the same road you're on, which is fine with me, too.

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I admit it. I'm selfish. I

I admit it. I'm selfish. I want others to get vaccinated so I can resume normal life.

At this point I don't even really care if they don't care about their own or their loved ones' health and safety.

I just care about me and mine. I want MY FREEDOM back.

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This seems to be the way you help businesses

Throughout Vermont, hospital Covid-19 units are mostly empty. Bars and restaurants are hopping again. In remote rural towns, diners, country stores and campgrounds are filling up.

'I don't feel any fear going out.' How residents are living in America's most vaccinated state

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"83.7% of Vermonters 12 and

"83.7% of Vermonters 12 and over have received at least one shot, according to health officials."

"More than 67% of the state's roughly 624,000 residents have been fully vaccinated, compared with about 49% for the US overall."

"The state has maintained one of the country's lowest infection rates -- currently at 1.6% for a seven-day average."

How wonderful! If only.....

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And the way they distributed

And the way they distributed those vaccines to different events. It's almost as if they don't want people to get sick.

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Is there a Farmers Market

Is there a Farmers Market vaccine station on Saturdays? First Fridays?

How about thru the week from 10-2 on the Square?

Vaccine station could give a coupon from local businesses to whomever gets vaccinated.

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VT's Governor

VT's governor Phil Scott is what I call a common sense Republican. Last month, Biden appointed him to the Council Of Governors, which "..includes up to 10 governors who work with federal officials to address issues relating to national security, homeland defense, disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and the National Guard."

There used to be many such people scattered over large swaths of these United States. Today, they seem nearly extinct. While VT has its unique problems, I'd move there in a heartbeat if possible. Upon crossing its border to visit, my BP lowers and my IQ rises.

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Kinda obvious.

Now he regrets the ban on mandatory masks.


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