Oct 14 2020
03:24 pm

Press release...

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.— Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs placed Chief of Staff Bryan Hair and Senior Director of Parks and Recreation Paul White on administrative leave, effective Tuesday, Oct. 13, after he was made aware of potential wrongdoing.

Mayor Jacobs brought in external auditing firm Pugh CPA to further evaluate the claims. The investigation could take several weeks.

“In the interest of transparency, I believe a thorough and speedy investigation is vital. My priority continues to be the business of Knox County.”

Knox County Finance Director and Deputy Chief of Staff Chris Caldwell today asked for a meeting with the State Comptroller’s Office.

In order to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation, no additional comments will be made until it concludes.

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According to a statement from

According to a statement from Hair, he borrowed a golf cart from Parks & Rec when his wife broke her foot.

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I've had two sources confirm that the golf cart was delivered directly from the vendor to Hair's house.

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Update: Hair and White fired.

Update: Hair and White fired.

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Lets see if I've got this straight.

Glenn Jacobs' Chief of Staff, an old friend from before his election, has the Parks Director order a golf cart and has it delivered , brand new direct from the factory, to his house . (According to two sources Sandra Clark referenced) Hair, Jacobs old friend, has a wife with a broken ankle and Jacobs and Hair never discussed her broken ankle and how she was getting along for over five months while she had illegal access to said golf cart. The whole time Jacobs was unaware anything of an illegal and unethical sort was happening, even though these two spent eight hours a day together.

Meanwhile White, who allegedly had a legitimate use for this golf cart within his department, and also a previous acquaintance of the Mayor before his election, somehow managed to forget that this vital piece of equipment (my son played his junior golf at County par three courses. They have vital use for this stuff, particularly in the summer) had been absconded and was being used for personal convenience of County officials and just forgot(?) it was missing.

And the whole time the Mayor was blissfully unaware and ignorant to anything happening around him. Just like his covid response.

It's gotta be the truth. Makes perfect sense.

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slight correction

I believe the golf carts were used, but "souped up" models that run faster than usual county-owned ones. One was shipped directly to his house.

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They were used, purchased May

They were used, purchased May 27 from Jon's Golf Cars in Sevierville. They were either the exact cars seen here in a post from April (most likely) or their twins — 2005 Club Car models with 48-volt batteries. The carts cost $3,200 and $3,700, respectively.


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Thank you.

I stand corrected. Whew. That's a relief, for a minute there it looked like something untoward was going on.

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