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Looks to me like an unidentified Asian has an interest in historical buildings.

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good read

Jack did a good job with this story. I watched the MPC debate and both sides made points. Victor Ashe (June 24 Shopper News) is right. This is an issue nobody on city council wants to debate/vote on. -- s.

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I don't know why I'm

I don't know why I'm surprised but I just don't expect this level of dick stretching done by, for, or in the name of, a church.

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Or a "PROPERTY RIGHTS!" populous.

We may not have the brightest politicians, but they can hold a finger in the wind.

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It all boils down to…

Mr. Neely did not identify the "well-known octogenarian millionaire," but everyone knows who he is referring to: Big Jim Haslam. The Haslams probably account for over half of St. John's budget and it is "well known" that he hates preservation and particularly preservationists. And, he wants an entrance for himself and Natalie off the parking lot.

Isn't it funny that big controversies often come down to the most petty of conceits?

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If that is the case then I am

If that is the case then I am even more disgusted with this whole thing.

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Why do you think Mr. Neely

Why do you think Mr. Neely elected not to identify the "well-known octogenarian millionaire"?

Bbeanster's picture

My guess would be:

I'm not privy to any of the background of this story, but my guess would be that they couldn't get hold of the octogenarian millionaire for comment, and they were queasy about using his name in the third-person, hearsay quote without it. But Dewhirst is a credible source and was willing to be identified, and it's too good an anecdote not to use.

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Gotcha. Should he have called

Gotcha. Should he have called him an octogenarian billionaire? Or, is the octogenarian not as rich as the son?

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