Every decade, coinciding with the census, states redraw their legislative maps to better reflect where people live. In most states, lawmakers draw the maps, though a handful use commissions. The stakes are high: Some states will gain congressional seats, while others will lose them. These boundaries are then set for 10 years, barring intervention by the courts, and determine who votes where.

It's time to redraw America's voting maps. Where's the data?

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A better way

It is time to reform the redistricting process.
We should not allow the decisions to be made behind closed doors, for obviously partisan gain.
Why do we let the politicians choose their voters rather than the other way around ?

There are alternatives that can help provide transparency and fairness.


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But "good faith negotiation" is hard to come by in Tennessee. Where should we put the pressure?

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Gerrymandering ...

I wonder if "gerrymandering" is a subject always covered in schools curriculum. The news sources should explain the definition of "gerrymandering". So people other than those expressly looking for it can learn about it.

Gerrymandering definition

Where Did the Term “Gerrymander” Come From?

Gerrymandering, explained

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