OK, I had to laugh at this:

[South Knox Bubba is] back in the cyberether on two blogs, KnoxViews and Facing South. He's not using his real name, but rather one I think his parents made up.

That's pretty funny. As was this comment from CAFKIA: "You can just forget that R Neal stuff. You are SKB and will most likely always be."

But seriously, if I haven't mentioned it already, thanks to everyone for all your kind words regarding my return to the blog-o-rama. It's been heartwarming, and humbling, to hear from some of the "old gang" from that other place. If I've been remiss in not thanking each one of you individually for your support and your participation at the new place, I apologize.

At any rate, I'm glad all of you found us here, and I encourage you to participate in hopes of making this a fun, informative, and interesting place for everyone. This is Our Place, not my place. Who knows, maybe we'll do some good before somebody sues me.

OK, then.

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I'm sorry - R. Neal, it doesn't roll off the tongue like SKB. You're right about another thing, though. This is showing signs of becoming a really wonderful "neighborhood". Now, let's see, where did I put that Key Lime Pie recipe you gave me?

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I just added my Welcome Back

I just added my Welcome Back under the first thread.  I thought maybe you'd be tugged back toward blogging, if not at your former pace.  I can only imagine the stress that ensued after that nice, relaxing trip to sunny California, way back in those halcyon days of what... almost to last spring?.  You did nothing to deserve that.

Who knows, maybe we'll do some good before somebody sues me. 

LOL!  I think this format will help direct the focus so that it can.  Glad to see you're still up for the endeavor.  I've got my seatbelt fastened!!

Formerly Factchecker (new name TBD)

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