Jan 22 2006
08:40 pm

Over the past few months I have been hearing rumors about people running against Campfield for his House Seat in District 18. There are now a couple of independent candidates, another republican it seems and a lone Democrat (to date).

I used to say anybody but Campfield--please. Now it seems voters will have a virtual buffet of candidates to choose from.

Being a Democrat, and knowing the (D) candidate, it is probably obvious who I'll be supporting. Her name is odd, so I'll spell it out here:


She is a home grown Tennessee gal, UT grad and works for a law firm in Knoxville. I'll link back to her website once it is up; I hear it will be online soon.

So, do you live in District 18? Do you know where it is? Check out, it is like the mapping oracle of Knoxville and is uber-groovy.

So, for those of you who don't already know, I shut down my personal JustJohnny blog in anticipation of something just like this site! Thanks to Mr.Neal (sounds sinister, doesn't it?), for the new site!

jah's picture

And I thought you shut down

And I thought you shut down your blog just to make me depressed.

(See how I combined a compliment with a completely self-centered remark? Impressive, eh?)

JustJohnny's picture

...who told you? Darn it.

...who told you? Darn it. I thought my secret was safe! Heh.

Mr Rocky Top's picture

Myself, I would hate to see

Myself, I would hate to see Campfield lose his seat; he has certainly opened up some of our state government...not saying, though, that the other candidates would not do the same.

JustJohnny's picture

I wouldn't call his

I wouldn't call his expose-esque blog an opening up of government, though he should be credited for his attempts in opening up. Also, he has been flamed for various shortfalls in grammer and spelling; that is not of concern to me. We all create our own way of 'speaking' on the net. In this case, it is not how he said it, it is what he said. Take a look over at this exchange between him and J. Fish of The Daily Beacon. Rarely do you see politicans use ad hominem attacks on people (who are not politicians). That is what this state does not need. So, does his opening of government balance that? For me --no.

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