Feb 20 2013
05:46 am

So says an employee of Jimmy John's on Cumberland Avenue.

The City of Knoxville is applying for an "Edward Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program Grant" to help crime fighting efforts in the Fort Sanders neighborhood by UT's campus.

Aren't there parts of town where crime is worse and could better use this funding?

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It is warranted

Crime is bad around the UT/Cumberland strip/Fort Sanders area. The people at UT and the businesses around it need to be better protected from the criminal element that preys on the population.

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I don't doubt that crime is

I don't doubt that crime is bad around Fort Sanders/UT. I'm just wondering if crime stats show there is worse crime elsewhere in Knoxville.

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Knoxville crime map

Looks like a cluster of robberies around that area. Otherwise crime seems somewhat evenly spread around town.

Knoxville crime map

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You are correct. If you take

You are correct. If you take out DUI, Drugs, Alcohol violation, and traffic accidents, there are a lot fewer crimes in the area, with most being on Cumberland. There are a couple of other areas of town that appear to have serious offenses more frequently, but not the number of overall offenses.

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email alerts

Members of the UT community get emails each time there is a (usually armed) robbery or assault in the area.

We get them frequently. The crime map that is linked above looks like it shows incidents that have occurred during the month of February only!

I am sure that the city is responding to requests by business owners for assistance in cleaning up the area. They are getting ready to widen and beautify Cumberland and there are a number of vacant buildings on the strip now. Getting tough on crime is a necessary part of the equation.

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I do remember someone getting

I do remember someone getting robbed leaving Walgreens on Cumberland. The UT area was a second home to my family. My Mother used to shop along Cumberland all the time. After hearing of the robbery I asked her not to go to the Cumberland area anymore. It's sad it has gotten so bad there. What has contributed to the increase in crime? Lots more apartment complexes?

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