Mar 28 2006
07:16 am

By my reckoning the United States marked an important milestone and indeed a turning point in the Iraq war yesterday. A local paper had a report on page 5A with the headline "Rice presses Iraqis to form government."

What is significant about this?

Not that the U.S. has spent hundreds of billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of American soldiers and countless Iraqi civilians to retaliate against a third-rate tin-pot dictator for ties to 9/11 that didn't exist and for possessing weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist and for posing a threat to America that didn't exist.

Not that after all that, Iraq has held two elections and drafted a new constitution yet still can't put up a standing army to secure itself or put together a utilities board to restore electricity and water and has instead descended into lawlessness, violence, chaos and civil war.

Not that Iraq's hope for the future and our hopes of getting out hinge on the abilities of an unstable Secretary of Defense and the pathetic pleas of an shallow, detached, ineffective Secretary of State who would rather be heading up a professional sports league and their miserable failure of a boss who is just counting the days until he can retire to his ranch and collect royalty checks from Halliburton.

What is significant is that it's on page 5A. It's not even news any more. Mark it on your calendar as the day America's Iraq policy officially achieved failure status.


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