Boyd Cloud Saturday Morning Democrat Club
8:00 a.m., July 4, 2009 @ Shoney’s on Western Avenue

Guest Speaker: Commissioner Amy Broyles

I’d like to invite you to attend Knox County’s oldest Democrat club this Saturday morning for an “open forum” to discuss the 2010 race for governor, local and state races, the upcoming city council election, and any other political topic you might have on your mind these days. The club - moderated by State Democratic Executive Committee member Gayle Alley - considered canceling this month’s meeting in deference to the holiday, but decided we’d meet anyway and invite any Democrat - yellow dog or blue dog or liberal, moderate or conservative - to attend and engage in what is often a lively discussion of local, state and national politics.

So, if you are a supporter of an announced Democratic candidate for governor – Kim McMillan, Ward Cammack, Mike McWherter or State Sen. Roy Herron – or are holding out for someone yet to announce – like State Sen. Jim Kyle or Knoxville lawyer Gordon Ball – and want to make a "pitch" for your candidate or learn more about the candidates, come on down. We’ll also discuss other topics of current interest – Bill Lockett’s possible ouster or resignation, redistricting, new Tennessee laws that kicked in today, etc. – and invite you to discuss any other political issue or ask questions.


The club has long served as a meeting place for local Democrat officeholders and candidates, several former party chairs, past and current party officers, Democrat activists and city council candidates. We’ve also been fortunate to have welcomed a wide range of speakers. For instance, in the past year, we’ve welcomed folks like Joe Armstrong, Harry Tindell, Randy Nichols, Doug Horne, Gloria Johnson, Ray Abbas, Ken Knight, Mark Harmon and Zak Kelley to the club.

Please join us this Saturday morning for a cup of coffee or breakfast or just a good ole dose of Democrats. We’d really love to have you.

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sorry I can't make it

Sorry I can't make it.

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I wanted to note that

I wanted to note that Commissioner Amy Broyles will be the guest speaker Saturday morning. We'll have alot to discuss. Looks like Jim Kyle is now on-board in the governer's race and the GOP fundraising totals are in: Haslam $3.8 Mil, Ramsey $1.3 mil, and Wamp $1.2 mil. On Dem side, Ward Cammack reports "north of $200K."

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