In today's Knoxville News Sentinel, Michael Silence announces he has invited a new voice to join him as a co-blogger on No Silence Here.

The new voice will hopefully be familiar to you as it will be...



I'm quite excited about the chance to do this and am flattered that Michael invited me to do this.

He and R. Neal have always been supportive of my previous blogging efforts on the old Tennessee Values Authority site and have both also consistently encouraged me to get back into blogging regularly. So, here goes. I'm looking forward to the challenge of writing on a regular basis for such a respected blog and will do my best not to bring the property value down.

I'll be blogging under my real name there, but I think I'll keep using the "Tennessee Values Authority" moniker here for nostalgia's sake. Or, maybe I'll just become TAFKATVA -- The Artist Formerly Known as Tennessee Values Authority.

Most importantly, this does not mean Michael is going away or cutting back. He's still the main voice, there. I'm just joining the fun to bring a new perspective from time to time. As for topics and plans, Michael and I are leaving that wide open- which fits with the existing style of the blog currently.

I'm waiting for the IT folks at Scripps to send me the keys, so I can get online and take the blog out for a joy ride. Since they hadn't sent them to me before today, I'm guessing it won't be until after the Memorial Day holiday.

So, in the meantime, have a great holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to joining Michael online later in the week.

Heck, since I'm all about using my actual name these days, why not follow me on Twitter?

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that's excellent news.

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I always enjoy your posts,

I always enjoy your posts, so I'll look forward to reading the blog too.

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