Nov 6 2006
12:54 pm

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Election day is upon us, and for those in TN-18th District, I asked Schree a few questions, so that voters that have not yet had the opportunity to met her, could get an idea of what she really would like to accomplish.  As I have already had the opportunity, on several occasions, to talk with Schree, I hope that these few questions will help you to understand why she would be an asset to our district.

Schree's answers are in bold:


Q. Why would you like to represent the 18th District?
A.  I have a passion and commitment to issues that are important to me, like education and access to affordable healthcare.  After talking with my friends and neighbors, I realized many people in our district share my commitment and my frustration that our current representative had done nothing to improve these areas.  I would like to go to Nashville and work with members from both sides of the aisle to get real solutions accomplished for Tennessee.

Q. List the three most important issues in your campaign.
A.  One of my first priorities will be to strengthen our public schools by making sure the funding formula is equitable; expanding early childhood programs and imroving access to technology in classrooms.  Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right all Tennessee citizens should have. I will work to find creative and innovative ways to provide access to healthcare for Tennessee’s uninsured without bankrupting our state.  Recruiting and retaining quality, knowledge-based jobs to our area is key to maintaining our quality of life. In the Tennessee House, I will work to ensure that we have good jobs with good benefits right here close to home.

Q. From your discussions with eligible voters, what one issue have you found to be most relevant to our district in this election?
A.  The issue voters most often share with me as their top issue is strengthening our public schools.  People in District 18 value education and want a representative in Nashville who shares their views.

Q. Why do you think you would be a better representative to the State House than your opponent?
A.  I can look past the letter beside someone's name and work to find solutions, not just talk about problems.  I am committed to strengthening our schools and expanding access to affordable healthcare without raising our taxes.  My opponent has had 2 years in the House and our district has nothing to show for it.  I will be a better representative because I will go to Nashville and get things done for our state.


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