Jun 12 2017
10:08 am

Berlin-based Green City Solutions claims its invention has the environmental benefit of up to 275 actual trees.

The CityTree includes Wi-fi enabled sensors that measure the local air quality.

The huge surfaces of moss installed in each tree can remove dust, nitrogen dioxide and ozone gases from the air. The installation is autonomous and requires very little maintenance: solar panels provide electricity, while rainwater is collected into a reservoir and then pumped into the soil.

To monitor the health of the moss, the CityTree has sensors which measure soil humidity, temperature and water quality.

"We also have pollution sensors inside the installation, which help monitor the local air quality and tell us how efficient the tree is." Wu said.

Its creators say that each CityTree is able to absorb around 250 grams of particulate matter a day and contributes to the capture of greenhouse gases by removing 240 metric tons of CO2 a year.

This 'tree' has the environmental benefits of a forest

The intelligent air filter for cities

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Krutch Park would be perfect

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If moss is the magic air

If moss is the magic air purifier at the heart of this, wouldn't it make more sense to simply find types of moss native to a particular area and plant it in spots all over the city in that area, rather than paying some company to build hi-tech moss habitats with solar panels and WiFi?

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I would rather have "275

I would rather have "275 Actual Trees"

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