Jan 4 2018
11:01 am

It's being widely reported that Google researchers discovered a design flaw in Intel and other CPUs that could be exploited by malicious code.

The bad news: It affects virtually every PC, tablet, phone or other device using Intel/ARM/AMD processors made in the last 25 years and there is no "fix."

The good news: You are more likely to be struck by a meteorite or win the lottery than to be affected by the vulnerability. There are no known attacks at this time.

What you can do: Not much.

You should install any security updates provided by your hardware/software vendors.

The latest Windows 10 update has a patch to mitigate exposure. It applies to the operating system and Microsoft browsers.

Firefox has an update that addresses one exposure to the vulnerability.

Google says Chrome will have an update later this month, and suggests a temporary setting if you are concerned.

PC manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo and HP may have firmware updates, so be on the lookout.

Google says the latest security updates for Android phone/tablet users include protections, so you should install them when notified.

Apple had not responded to reported media inquiries at the time of this post.

MORE: Intel statement...

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The only winner is Intel's

The only winner is Intel's CEO, who cashed out millions in stock before the reports were made public.

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The bad news - fixing the bug

The bad news - fixing the bug will likely slow down your computer. Link.

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