Jan 26 2006
05:29 am
By: Left Of The Dial  shortURL

As most of you know, a shooting occurred at Campbell County High School on November 8th of last year that killed Assistant Principal Ken Bruce and seriously wounded two others, including Assistant Principal Jim Pierce.

Within hours of the shooting and while Pierce was fighting for his life in a Knoxville hospital, his home was robbed.

It appears now that the Pierce home was not the intended target as some media reports indicate. My source at the Campbell County Sheriff's Dept. says three men, a woman and a five-month-old baby were in a vehicle with the intention of robbing a home. The house they meant to rob was occupied and they turned away and randomly found the Pierce home unoccupied nearby.

Arrested are: 20-year-old Holly Ann Minton of Duff and 24-year-old David E. Lloyd, Jr. of LaFolette. Authorities are still looking for Charles Arthur Parker and James Thomas Lloyd.

The four are alleged to have stolen an ATV, a weapon and some tools. The ATV was recovered on Tuesday and Minton and Lloyd were taken into custody. They are being charged with burglary and theft.

I'm trying to find about the status of the baby.

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Parker was found by

Parker was found by authorities hiding in an attic Thursday.

They're still looking for Lloyd.

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