May 12 2014
11:30 am

Is there an Infographic, or some such thing, available for the process for land sector plans, zoning, etc?

From soup to nuts what happens with land areas, how they get categorized, etc.

I was told the sector plans are when the die is caste for an area. I am thinking a large part of the general public doesn't know the steps for how usage of their, and the surrounding property in their community, is determined.

My understanding is almost no one shows at sector planned meeting, when it seems that if folks in those areas knew that is really what determines what is going to happen in their community in the future that a lot bigger crowds would be in attendance and interested.

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Start here. Check out some

Start here. Check out some individual sector plans here.

Call MPC at 215-2500 and ask for the comprehensive planning staff to get more info. The land use categories for sector plans (which are different, more high-level) than the land use categories for zoning are probably on the MPC site somewhere as well.

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Sector Plans

The Sector Plans start out with an introductory explanation regarding content and intended use, such as:

All sector plans contain a background report, a plan for capital improvements and a land use plan. The land use plan serves as the guide for future land use and zoning decisions.
The background report outlines existing conditions in the sector and contains information on environmental resources, development trends and characteristics of the population. It serves as a tool to help the community identify development opportunities and plan for the future.

Purposes of the Sector Plans
• Identify significant resources
• Identify current development constraints and issues
• Evaluate significant changes that have taken place since the last sector plan was adopted
• Explore special development opportunities within the study area
• Develop proposals to guide development over the next 15 years

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On (link...) under the MAP tab you can choose it to be displayed in sectors. And then under the LEGEND tab it lists the sector definitions. If you zoom in you will see the individual pieces of property and their land uses by color. Don't know if this helps, but it is interesting to explore.

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You mean "Maps->Planning and

You mean "Maps->Planning and Zoning Maps" and then click the "Sector Plan" radio button?

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Those are all good answers in

Those are all good answers in a way.

But still leave the sequence and steps of property classification unclear.

Something simple the public can see and then ask for the above kind of details on a particular step for clarification when they are sorting it out.

Maybe a graphic like this …

Step by Step info graphic example

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