Jan 9 2009
11:14 am

Getting word that sign manufacturer ImagePoint, whose corporate offices are in downtown Knoxville, is getting ready to announce layoffs of 200+ local jobs and may be liquidating.

UPDATE: Confirmed.

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This was the former

This was the former Plasti-Line.

"Plasti-Line became the largest single source supplier in the United States after purchasing American Sign and Marketing. By combining the product manufacturing capabilities of the two companies, we were able to offer customers more point of purchase and smaller indoor signage."

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This is a rather unfortunate development

I noticed Mike Edwards, public employee number 1 at $250,000 +'- had already made a snide remark that the ImagePointe office space was Class A office space and would not be empty very long. We're paying his salary, putting his kids through Webb, paying his benefits, matching 401(k), cars, travel, etc., how about a little more concern for the families and kids who just had their whole world kicked out from under them.

This unacceptable remark comes from a guy who is supposedly charged with bringing business and industry to Knoxville and Knox County, however, he's speaking his true colors, he's a leasing agent for the real property developers in town, nothing more, nothing less. The sooner they bust this clown and get a real business and jobs recruiter in place at the SuperChamber, the better off we will all be. I'm sure he's hustled up a property description out to the folks at HolRob.

Who gives a rat about office space when there's plenty opening up with Sea Ray closing it offices downtown, Goody's emptying a huge facility on I-40, and these are all jobs at for profit companies, which took years to develop and enhance and will not be coming back.

Word to Edwards, we can't all work for the government and live large on the public tit.

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Did Edwards really say something about their office space?

That is really terrible, spoken like a true leasing agent, not exactly words of confidence from an supposed industrial/job/business recruiter.

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The building is property of KUB. Not exactly a development company.

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According to the Knoxville

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, two sign companies have been to town interviewing Imagepoint ex-employees. Coast Sign Inc. of Anaheim, CA, and NW Sign Industries from Moorestown, N.J. have been receiving resumes and conducting selected interviews.

You may have to move, but a job is a job. If you haven't sent them a resume, you might want to do so now.

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Luckily, Besides


Besides Moorestown, NW Sign Industries is hiring for its facilities in Concord, N.C.; Orlando, Fla.; Forth Worth, Texas; Chickasha, Okla., and Austin, Texas.

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The Orlando area is not that

The Orlando area is not that expensive, especially since housing prices are tanking. Austin, too, has not been known for a high cost of living. Of course, a person may have to get out in the burbs in either area to get cheaper housing.

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It was within an easy walk

It was within an easy walk of campus and the bar/music scene.

Yes, convenient. Yes, expensive.

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Sign Manufacturing AND Low Cost of Living

I am reading these blogs and have information that may be helpful for some of you...I work for Persona, Inc. We're in Watertown, South Dakota, a state with very reasonable cost of living, no state income tax, truly moderate housing and real estate taxes, great schools and genuinely nice folks! And, I can speak from experience, I am originally born in NY, raised and lived until 14 years ago in New Jersey...and share this truth: financially, living in Jersey is a challenge. Money gets swallowed up quickly between taxes, tolls and costs of the most basic needs.

I moved to South Dakota and now find myself (joyfully I add) at Persona, Inc. We have a few positions for those who want to consider a relocation (and some may offer remote opportunities).

We seek individuals who can create the computerized drawings for our signs, creating the layout and building guides and so forth. We are open to having the person work here, or potentially in our Centerville, TN office.

We also seek VP of Marketing (relo may not be required) and VP of Sales as well as a Division Sales Manager.

Our business is privately held and managed very well. Our employees have a full range of benefits and the pay is surely an income you can live on.

If you know anyone seeking work, please have them email me for more information.

Thanks and good luck to all.

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I visited friends in Lawton,

I visited friends in Lawton, OK, for two Junes in a row back in the 90s. In '96 it was quite pleasant and we saw the sights (including a world-famous Meersburger). The '97 visit had daytime temps of 107° with 35 mph steady winds that kept us imprisoned in homes, automobiles, and restaurants all day long every day.

A vivid memory of Oklahoma is the presence of all the storm shelters in the back lawns of older neighborhoods in Lawton. They are there for a good reason.

Visit us at

The Home

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Apparently there's still a market for signs

There've been a couple of sign companies (one in Greensboro, NC, and one in Green Bay, WI) advertising in the KNS dead tree edition the past two Sundays--looking for professional and managerial types. I suppose there will be a bit of a talent drain as the most mobile, marketable, white-collar, degreed workers from Goody's, Image Point, Alcoa, Sea Ray, etc. start getting snatched up and move away chasing those jobs.

For manufacturing and warehouse workers in Knoxville, the prospects do not look good.

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Chase announced a $375 million makeover for WaMu

this was supposedly ImagePoint's bread and butter with banks changing over their signage, wonder why they didn't last through that project and their lenders Wachovia will be remade over into Wells Fargo eventually.

Unfortunately, as these jobs migrate to other places, the exodus will be well documented within commercial circles and these jobs, like the empty spaces they are leaving, will not be easily filled and may never ever be replaced.

But the SuperChamber will tell us they've created another 3,000 jobs and our local economy is recession proof.

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Nobody's talking about more Clayton layoffs

particularly the news-sentinel


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