Nov 10 2008
08:18 am


update: ...And why do these School system employees still have a job? This is reprehensible.


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I'm disgusted. Amazing.

I'm disgusted. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.


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One thought

I want to tell people like that "just keep it up".

Not only do you energize Obama supporters with crap like that, you're not addressing the issues of why you lost. You're just pouting and whining and acting like infants.

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What a difference a week makes

...I still don’t get it though. If Obama has a black father and white mother isn’t he every bit as much white as he is black?

Still? At the risk of getting down to this moran's level, did he ever bring up this supposed confusion of his before the election?

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It's no different than the

It's no different than the nonsense about Palin, especially that Beverly Hillbillies foolishness. Neither one amounts to much but it is interesting to see the outrage over the Messiah and not a word over the stereotypes of East Tennessee. After all, the Beverly Hillbillies are about East Tennessee and nowhere else but Cali.

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Don't try to outdo me on useless Beverly Hillbillies trivia!

Actually, the Beverly Hillbillies are from the Missouri Ozarks, not Appalachia.

A bit of historic trivia: Branson, Missouri first gained national attention when the Clampetts visited "Silver Dollar City" there. It was an amusement park, but the show portrayed it as a real town -- a big city near their home. Said park was in Branson, and that was what led to it becoming what it is today... Las Vegas, if it were designed by Ned Flanders.

And I know, Dollywood was Silver Dollar City before it was Dollywood. And before that, it was "Goldrush" for a year, and before that, Goldrush Junction. But the Clampetts came the one in Branson.

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According to Wikipedia,

According to Wikipedia, there's show discrepancies as to where the Clampetts come from--some references refer to Arkansas/Missouri, other citations are to Tennessee.

I'm not enough of a Beverly Hillbillies scholar to say which is correct.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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OMG, I see that Mike Pirtle

OMG, I see that Mike Pirtle is the publisher of this newspapaper. I went to high school with Mike, who edited our school paper. In fact, I went out with him a few times and pined for him for quite a while after he dumped me for a senior.

I can't believe his paper is printing this tripe.

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The paper has updated the

The paper has updated the column online with a long, drawn out apology:


Yet they leave the column up there, don't say that they will no longer run columns by the guy, and don't explain what kind of brain-dead editors allowed it to be published in the first place or why they haven't been fired.

But they note it's a progressive community, despite what you might think.

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I think firing the editors

I think firing the editors responsible would be too harsh --everyone makes mistakes at work.

However, the columnist is apparently just a local fellow who writes a weekly opinion piece -- he should probably be told, "your services are no longer needed here", followed by a call for a new local, conservative commentator.

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firing the editors

firing the editors responsible would be too harsh

Yeah, probably.

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Actually, that apology

Actually, that apology sounds a lot like the Mike Pirtle I knew way back when. I'm happy to see it.

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Well, I used this

Well, I used this opportunity to reconnect with Mike Pirtle. Sent him a "hey there" email and got a nice one in return.

He said the column was the "worst moment" of his 30 year journalism career and called it a "boneheaded editing decision."

Could we forgive him (Mike, not the guy who wrote the stupid column), please? He's seems like he's still a good guy.

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More newspaper weirdness:

More newspaper weirdness: burying the lede.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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Last week on more than one

Last week on more than one occasion I heard conservatives joke that the theme from Good Times is the new national anthem. Whether this dude was the first to go to the trouble of rewriting the song, I don't know, but the concept was not his. If he passed off someone else's rewrite as his own, that's the kind of thing that could get him canned. Otherwise, it's just lame humor aimed at an audience that barely overlaps with this community.

Conservatives have been living in isolation from reality for years and just got jolted awake. Let them whimper a bit and wander the street in their bed clothes for a while; hopefully they'll have it worked out by Inauguration Day. They've got a lot more reality to confront than just having a black President.

Look at poor ol' Joe the Sociologist, he's got nothing left but the worn-out Messiah meme and fading hopes that Sarah Palin might wink at him again some day. It's too pathetic to be upsetting.

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If they meant the apology...

Delete the offensive post. They didn't, so...

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I'm not sure I

I'm not sure I agree.

Deleting the post just leaves people to wonder what was said that saw so awful.

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Oh please, people! Stop

Oh please, people! Stop being HYPOCRITES! Why don't y'all just agree to censoring everything that you find to sound *mean* 'cause that's where you're headed with your polically correct mindset.Grow up!

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