May 12 2011
06:17 pm

a relentless mirror-gazer and attention-seeker with a wandering pee-pee and a talent for pseudo-intellectualism

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Newt Gingrich.

Here's the full paragraph as a teaser:

The only problem with the latter strategy is that that the leading “charisma” candidate is Gingrich, a relentless mirror-gazer and attention-seeker with a wandering pee-pee and a talent for pseudo-intellectualism. Gingrich, hilariously, is the right’s idea of a “thinker,” which is to say he’s a pompous mispronouncer and Thesaurus-raider who lards up same-old/same-old right-wing rhetoric with quotations from obscure academic texts and inane historical references, so that friendly pundits can later describe the resultant utterances as “fresh new ideas.”

Welcome to the freak show, for sure!

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I LOVE Matt Taibbi!

And he left out simple labels like 'pompus ass', 'wanna-be Catholic', 'forget 1998...I was too busy Working Hard'. This fool is an empty canvas...feel free to add your own 'thoughts about Newt' as anything will fit.

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More Taibbi: The People vs.

More Taibbi:
The People vs. Goldman Sachs

20,000 people stormed Wall Street today, did that make the news anywhere?

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Trying to catch up on the

Trying to catch up on the news before I host an Open House, and found this great round-up on the 5/12 Swarm Against Wall Street (my term which i think is quite appropriate).

I was among the 20,0000 people who participated in the May 12 action.– here’s what that many people marching on Wall Street looks like (video care of the super-heroic Austen Guest of the Alliance for a Greater New York). I tried to cobble together some stories for you guys, I’m exhausted so I apologize for my sloppy writing here.

If you are unfamiliar with the May 12 events, definitely read the live coverage in the form of tweets from the rally (you don’t need twitter to read it). Here’s a compilation of early press coverage (yes, there was media but of course it received nowhere near as much attention as 5 tea party people get for standing on a street corner).

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Not down here, it didn't.

Not down here, it didn't. Seriously, Eric, why in the world would the news down here be fair and balanced???

But, on a serious note, Taibbi's exposes on Goldman Sachs and the foreclosure crisis are definitely must reads.

Have you read his book Griftopia, yet?

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The news has only gotten as

The news has only gotten as far as an excerpt from HuffPost in New York magazine. They are scratching their heads wondering why so many came out to protest teacher layoffs. Has anyone told them of the ongoing massive tax avoidance by the biggest 5 or 6 banks or the blatant fraud that wrecked the economy?

Said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, "I never expected to come home to see New York act like Wisconsin," she told the crowd. "There are lots of places across the country where there are real budget crises. New York is not one of them."

She's probably not invited to the party in Sao Paulo tomorrow.

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I read Griftopia. Highly

I read Griftopia. Highly recommended.

P.S. Also, The Big Short by Michael Lewis, and Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Lewis takes a different and more engaging storytelling approach while Too Big to Fail is more of a historical account of the financial meltdown.

Taibbi kicks ass and takes names, and makes you laugh between banging your head against the wall.

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Goldman Sachs grift? That was practice.

For Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, two of Wall Street’s biggest commodities-trading firms, the year’s largest initial public offering represents a nightmare come true: the rise of unregulated rivals.

They control 9% of the grain on the globe, and have a 38% return on equity. Are you in?

Glencore IPO

When Goldman Sachs was floated, the then CEO Hank Paulson made off with $219m.

Glencore is a systemically important institution that is critical to the smooth functioning of the global economy.

Founder Marc Rich and his partner Pincus Green fled the US for Switzerland in 1983, just before being indicted on 65 counts of wire fraud, racketeering, tax evasion and violating a US embargo by trading with Iran. Outgoing president Bill Clinton pardoned them in 2001.

10 other invisible corporate giants

Break out the yacht rock and the pink pornstar wine, and keep it smooth, ya'll.

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NYT: Goldman’s Shares Tumble

NYT: Goldman’s Shares Tumble as Firm Hires Top Lawyer

Goldman Sachs’s actions during the financial crisis returned to haunt it with a fury on Monday afternoon.

In late trading, shares of Goldman tumbled nearly 5 percent, knocking $2.7 billion off the firm’s market value, after a report that the firm’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, had hired a prominent criminal defense lawyer, Reid H. Weingarten.

You may remember Weingarten from his gig defending Enron Chief Accounting Officer Richard Causey, expected to be released from prison in October after serving 5 1/2 years.

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I'm not sure why they're

I'm not sure why they're hiring Weingarten, after all GoldmanSachs has a big friend in the WH.

Revealingly, one of the Administration’s allies said: “Wall Street is our Main Street.” And the worst is that this remark may not be a cynical Ministry of Truth pronouncement. Team Obama bears all the hallmarks of being so close to banks and big corporations that it has lost all contact with and understanding of mainstream America.

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