...David Moon's new book "Thoughts are Things," a book of "daily readings for children and their families."

In case you didn't know, David Moon is an investment manager by day and father of 13-year old twins in real life. In this playfully illustrated book, he directs his faith and life experience towards teaching kids simple but powerful lessons for life. There's a thought for each day of the year to promote a "daily discipline of reflection."

I recently received a copy out of the blue (thanks, David!), and although we don't have kids there are some great thoughts on character, expectations, and effort that apply to everyone regardless of age or ideological belief.

For example, here's the thought for October 16th:

Make a decision or other people will always be in charge of what happens in your life.

Gather information. Then make a decision. Don't wait until you know every piece of information; you can never know everything.

Don't worry about making a mistake, because sometimes you will. The only people who don't make mistakes are the people who don't make decisions.

It is sad to see a person who can't decide little things, like what to have for dinner or what clothes to wear. People who have trouble making decisions about little things will have trouble making decisions about big things.

That may sound obvious, but not until you think about it because "Thoughts are Things:"

You can hold them, but not in your hands. You hold them in your mind. You hold them in your heart. You can give your thoughts to other people.

In your hand, a rock, a book or almost anything else can be powerful. You can use it for good or evil.

Thoughts are the same way, so be careful what thoughts you carry around with you and how you use them. (June 24th)

Thanks to David for sharing his thoughts. The book, edited by William S. Rukeyser, has just been published and is available from the publisher and from Amazon. It would make a great gift for families with children, or anyone else for that matter.

Bbeanster's picture

David is an extra-good guy

David is an extra-good guy who always makes me think (before I decide he's wrong ;-)

Seriously, I'll buy this book. He needs to schedule something at Union asap.

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Yes, and there's also a

Yes, and there's also a release party scheduled for Oct. 22 to benefit the Knoxville Children's Theater.

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Buffett, Mayberry

I thought Buffett WAS Andy Taylor. Which means, if Buffett channeled himself he would destroy some time-space continuum thing, causing North Carolina and Omaha, NE to collapse into each other, creating a black hole or a DeLorean.


Chicago's picture

Great Book

This Book is great for everybody regardless if you have kids or not. Sometimes we all need to be re-taught the fundamentals of life.

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Randy, thanks for the mention. The only reason I sent you the book was as a small "thank you" for your work in building and maintaining this little neighborhood.

The endorsement was a very pleasant surprise.

And re your comment, Betty: you are simply reticent to tell folks that you and I agree as much as we do. Don't worry; I don't tell my friends, either.

David Moon

R. Neal's picture

You're welcome, and thank

You're welcome, and thank you. And welcome to the neighborhood. Hope you'll stick around. I enjoy your columns in the News Sentinel, even when I have to agree!

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Good Morning, Moon! You've

Good Morning, Moon!

You've outed us.


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