Jan 25 2013
07:07 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

UPDATE: (9AM): Knox Co. and City of Knoxville office closed today. Also Blount Co.

NWS (7AM) has upgraded conditions to Ice Storm Warning, with ice accumulations of .10 to .25 inches forecast across most of the Tennessee Valley and up to .5 inches in areas north.

Sidewalks and driveways (7AM) are coated with a thin layer of ice. Streets and roads that have been treated appear clear at this time. Reports of icing on bridges and overpasses and ice on secondary roads. Several accidents reported around the area.

TDOT Smartway (7AM) not reporting any hazardous conditions on major highways locally, but is reporting ice/snow to the west on I-40 and other roads in the Rockwood/Kingston area. (Not sure this info is reliably detailed and/or up to date.)

Knox Co., Blount Co., Anderson Co., Roane Co., Sevier Co., Maryville City and Alcoa City schools closed.

Government offices opening late at 10PM, but could change if conditions worsen. Update: Blount Co. office closed. Update: Knox Co. office closed. Update: City of Knoxville offices close.

Area law enforcement agencies are on snow plans, may not respond to non-emergency calls or wrecks without injury.

UTK is CLOSED. on a delayed 10AM 12PM Noon schedule.

KAT (8:35AM) running on SNOW ROUTES, other possible detours and delays. During snow routes, Rt. 10, 34 and 44 do not operate. Other routes operate but some on detour routing. Trolleys ARE currently running. Call 637-3000 for updates before heading out. (Farragut Express did not run this AM.)

KUB is not reporting any power outages at this time.

Current temp (7AM) at TYS is 26. Light freezing rain that began around 5AM still falling.

Delta has canceled TYS morning flights to Atlanta and Detroit. Several other arrivals and departures are delayed.

All roads in Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed.

Current radar...
Current conditions...

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Just heard on the scanner

Just heard on the scanner that a civilian, the police officer coming to his/her aid and now the tow truck he called are all stranded at one accident scene. Not sure where it was.

The Alcoa Highway to I-40/75 ramp is apparently iced over and causing problems.

Multiple wrecks in the area...

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Buses at KTrans transit

Buses at KAT transit station downtown having trouble on Church St. viaduct, KPD has called for a salt truck.

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Friday, January 25, 6:30

Friday, January 25, 6:30 a.m.--KAT is currently on regular routing, with the following exceptions: Farragut Express not running, Rt. 34 not running, Rt. 11 and 90 will not enter West Town Mall; make transfers at West View Towers, Rt. 20 will detour around Tillery Rd.

bizgrrl's picture

I'm surprised the buses are

I'm surprised the buses are even trying to get out.

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Short report

Drive from out Alcoa Hwy to UT was not bad. Had to stop leaving the neighborhood until the windshield was warm enough to melt the rain started freezing on it. Thin wet crusty stuff on Buck Karnes Bridge. Almost no traffic. Didn't see any accidents

UT open now delayed until noon.


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City of Knoxville and Knox

City of Knoxville and Knox Co. just announced their offices will be closed today.

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When the Weather Channel comes to town..

that is never good...
Looks like Mike Seidel is standing on the corner at Cedar Bluff near the express ramps?

R. Neal's picture

Haha. Standing in the

Haha. Standing in the rain?

Thankfully this wasn't as bad as it could have been. Bad enough, though. Cops and other first responders and road crews are busting their butts this AM.

There's another wave coming within the hour. I think it (the rain, not the temp) may be warming up enough that it it will wash some of what's left away.

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Another thing that is not

Another thing that is not good is the abundance of alarm company false alarms that seem to plague emergency services. It's bad enough in 'normal' weather.

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WVLT on twitter: THP trooper

WVLT on twitter: THP trooper involved in an accident on Longmire Rd in north Knox Co., at the same location an ambulance has overturned.

Damn. Also a TDOT salt truck overturned on 321.

Everybody should just stay off the roads and let the TDOT and county road crew guys do their jobs, and hopefully let the cops and other first responders enjoy some hot coffee and donuts.

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I-40 W at Cedar Bluff, car

I-40 W at Cedar Bluff, car under semi. KPD responding. Officer reports ice on I-40 at Bridgewater exit.

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Wreck on I-40 at Papermill,

Wreck on I-40 at Papermill, car into retaining wall.

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TDOT salt truck in the ditch

TDOT salt truck in the ditch on 321 in Walland:


R. Neal's picture

Burchett on

Burchett on Twitter:

@timburchett: Roads are bad in south Knox. Stay in folks

@timburchett: "@tnhairdude: @timburchett y'all be safe:" I got 4 tons of truck around me dude I'm good

Mello's picture

when I read this-

@timburchett: "@tnhairdude: @timburchett y'all be safe:" I got 4 tons of truck around me dude I'm good I ask the spouse when did having a bigger vehicle ever make it safer on ice? The reply was simply a scathing remark about we may have moved south but I should know better than to even ask...

So I was waiting to hear this-


R. Neal's picture

"I was waiting to hear

"I was waiting to hear this"

That's what the Mrs. said.

(See above tweets and photos from Burchett)

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I40-W at Walker Springs

I40-W at Walker Springs starting to back up due to pickup v. semi at Cedar Bluff...


Cops say the axles of the semi and pickup are tangled up and will have to be cut apart before anything can be moved.

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WVLT: THP trooper involved in

WVLT: THP trooper involved in wreck on Longmire Rd. injured, unconscious.

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And... UT closed today.

And... UT closed today.

Rachel's picture

Does taht mean I can skip my

Does taht mean I can skip my online lecture scheduled for today? :)

R. Neal's picture

Thanks for the update J.

Thanks for the update J.

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@timburchett: We just

@timburchett: We just wrecked. I don't need to go to the bathroom any more.


Andy Axel's picture

Is that his way of saying "I

Is that his way of saying "I s*** my pants?"

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Mayor Burchett was just on

Mayor Burchett was just on the phone with Ch 6. He's been riding in a salt truck that is now in a ditch in S Knoxville.

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@wbir: Fire truck crashed on

@wbir: Fire truck crashed on way to accident that injured THP trooper

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TEMA declares State of

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UPDATE: Latest wave of

UPDATE: Latest wave of freezing rain has knocked out power to 3500+ customers in 37921.

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That's Kenny's and my zip, but we're good right now.

My cousin phoned a while ago to say that the outages pertain to the vicinity of Pleasant Ridge Elementary (per some TV broadcast she caught).

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Actually I'm on the edge of

Actually I'm on the edge of 37931 but close enough. I'm doing a Facebook chat with Ian in Bath, England right now and, guess what, they are in the middle of an ice storm too.

We just went above 32° here and I'm seeing water coming off the roof outside my den window.

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We'e still @ 28 here but it

We'e still @ 28 here but it appears the warmer rain is starting to melt the ice as I suspected (hoped) it would. Our driveway and sidewalks are almost clear and the street gutters are flowing with water.

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I'm trying to push the temp

I'm trying to push the temp above 32 by the sheer force of will. Could us some helpers, please. :)

WATE says it's 29; our outdoor thermometer says 32.2. It's ususally pretty accurate so I'm wondering if there's a lot of variation out there.

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wondering if there's a lot of

wondering if there's a lot of variation out there.

I think so. Just in our neighborhood and the park we go to there are "thermoclines" where the temperature gets noticeably colder within a few steps while you are walking.

I used to have a lot of fancy radio thermometers and such, but the batteries got to be a PITA so now I keep a time/weather widget on my tablet front page showing the official TYS temp. That's usually close enough to know whether to wear shorts or long johns.

Stan G's picture

It appears the wind has

It appears the wind has changed directions and is moving the ice to the southeast.

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i just drove asheville

i just drove asheville highway/magnolia avenue from I-40 to downtown with no problem whatsoever. there were very few vehicles on the roads and many businesses closed, however.

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WATE-TV is reporting that the

WATE-TV is reporting that Trooper Michael Slagle has died in that wreck on Longmire Road, possibly of a heart attack.

bizgrrl's picture

That is so sad. I'm at a loss

That is so sad. I'm at a loss for words.

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