Jan 2 2013
07:57 pm
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One of first songs Wayne

One of first songs Wayne Goforth at Clark Jones music taught me on guitar

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When my son was two and three years old, our bedtime routine--right after changing into jammies and lowering the bedroom lights--was that I would pick him up in my arms and sashay around his room, singing The Tennessee Waltz to him. Then he'd sleep soundly.

One day we were driving in a light rain, he in the backseat in his carseat.

"Mommy, look," he exclaimed, pointing straight forward, to or through the windshield?

"What, honey?" I asked.

"That looks like you and me dancing," he observed of the wipers' slow slapping.

And he began to sing: "I was dancin' with my darlin'..."


It will always be how I associate this beautiful song, sung best by the lovely Ms. Page. RIP.

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