Feb 1 2012
08:16 pm

You wouldn't know it to look at today, but last night was a breath-taking display of professional ice hockey, seldom seen at any level of the professional game.

A team, down 4 goals to 1 entering the 3rd period during a road game, rang up 3 goals in under four minutes ... the final four minutes of the match ... and won 5-4.

That team is Tennessee's own Nashville Predators.

(Video of final 2 goals here.)

Quietly (as in "basically ignored by everyone outside of Tennessee"), this squad has amassed the 5th best record in the NHL (66 points from 51 games, 31W-16L-4OT), has 3 All-Star players on its roster (defensemen Shea Weber & Ryan Suter, rookie Craig Smith), boasts one of the finest goalies in the league (2011 Vezina Trophy finalist Pekka Rinne), has been to the Stanley Cup playoffs every year except one since 2003, and is currently 2nd in the tough Central Division (the division features perennial powerhouses Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, and St Louis Blues).

If they're not careful, they may just find themselves going deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Fox Sports Tennessee carries most of their live coverage and features the commentary of Pete Weber (named Tennessee Sportscaster of the Year) as well as the voice of "Broad Street Bullies" member/former NHL coach Terry Crisp.

If you have even a passing interest in ice hockey, this is a team worth checking out. (And if you're ever in Nashville, a ticket to a game is a fun, if occasionally ear-splitting, way to pass an evening downtown.)

F-Stop's picture

I'm not a real hockey fan,

I'm not a real hockey fan, but I scored a free ticket to see them back in 2009. It was my first NHL game and the energy in the arena was intense. Hell if I can remember who they played, but they won! Sounds like Chris Hansen himself couldn't catch these Predators (rim shot)

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Stanley Cup playoffs and

Stanley Cup playoffs and Tennessee? That doesn't sound right. :) Go Predators!

Andy Axel's picture

Stanley Cup playoffs and

Stanley Cup playoffs and Tennessee? That doesn't sound right. :) Go Predators!

Yeah, that's about it exactly. It doesn't sound right, and therefore must not be right.

Flyers-Preds tonight. 6 CT faceoff, broadcast on FSTN. Last meeting had Nashville taking one from Philly. There's a bit of a history between these two clubs, mostly in personnel exchanges. The Flyers seem to think of Nashville as a farm club, as we have donated Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen to their cause.

Opinari's picture

While I wouldn't mind seeing

While I wouldn't mind seeing the Stanley Cup residing in Tennessee, my heart will always be with Sid the Kid and the crew in Pittsburgh. But if it isn't the Pens, viva la Predators!

rocketsquirrel's picture

And the Predators are owned

And the Predators are owned by a group headed by David Freeman, a south Knoxville boy. He was a Doyle High School grad who made a fortune selling his medical waste business.

bizgrrl's picture

My family lived two houses up

My family lived two houses up from the Freeman's in SoKno. His Mother was a teacher, not sure about his Dad. I had no idea this was the same David Freeman.

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