I was bashing Microsoft pretty hard the other day, but today I will give them credit where credit is due.

Microsoft has officially launched Outlook.com, their free web-based email service that replaces Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN, etc. It looks pretty nice, with a clean and familiar layout for Windows users.

Basically, you set up a Microsoft Account (if you have an existing Windows Live or Hotmail account you already have one), log in, navigate to outlook.com, and Bob's your uncle.

You can set up multiple accounts, like one for personal and another for business/professional use. You can connect other e-mail accounts to your outlook.com account for a "universal inbox."

There are mobile apps for Windows, iPhone and Android. You can also connect to it from the desktop Windows Live Mail client.

You can import contacts from a variety of sources, and it also has a nice calendar feature.

Outlook.com is an attractive and free alternative to GMail that is especially nice for Windows users. It will work with any modern browser. (Microsoft lists Chrome as one of the recommended browsers.)

BONUS: Your Microsoft Account also gives you SkyDrive, Microsoft's free cloud storage with 7GB of storage and a fully integrated desktop folder that that automatically syncs to/from your PC, plus free web-based Office apps (Word, Excel and Powerpoint.) Another nice, free alternative to Google Drive with features familiar to Windows users. (And it works fine with Chrome.)

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Aggressive MS

Aggressive MS marketing:

Don't get Scroogled!

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Well, maybe not.

I signed up and imported my Google email lists and tried to send emails to my listserv like i had done with Gmail, and it kept blocking me, saying there was unusual activity in my account and kept asking me to verify it. After having this happen several times, I said screw it and went back to Gmail.

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Their software probably

Their software probably thinks you are spamming. I saw on your blog you had trouble with GMail, too. Maybe you could try a free list server like MailChimp.


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My name is way more common

My name is way more common than I can understand. It's already too late for me to get any decent combination of anything I would want, so whatever.

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I finally got the easiest email with just my first/last name. It won't let me transfer my address book from yahoo. I hate to change emails so will probably do it over a year. Plus, I "moderate" two yahoo groups for the neighborhood so I cannot leave them.

I have noticed an increase in the number of hacked yahoo accounts in the past few months, sending out links.

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I want be changing. I've had

I want be changing. I've had the same email since 1999 -- my mac account with my name. It was free for seven years then I paid and now it's free again. No sense in messing with a good thing.

And, Becky, I moderate both a google group and a yahoo group with that email account. You don't have to use their email accounts to moderate their groups.

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