Early voting for the Aug. 7th county general and state primary elections ended Saturday. Early votes totaled 35,086, with about half of those from Downtown West and Farragut. Including absentee ballots counted so far, the total is 36,486. Totals for the Republican primary were 29,881 v. 6,299 for the Democratic primary.

UPDATE: Not quite an early voting record for August (going back to 1996). The record by a slight margin (350 votes) was the 2010 August election. (Not sure what the deal was in 2000. An error in the records?)

Aug. 4 1996 4,072
Aug. 6 1998 13,934
Aug. 3 2000 5,627
Aug. 1 2002 25,190
Aug. 5 2004 16,879
Aug. 3 2006 24,042
Aug. 7 2008 20,575
Aug. 5 2010 35,436
Aug. 2 2012 11,934

The all time record is 125,796, for the Nov. 2008 election:

Nov. 5 1996 41,844
Nov. 7 2000 70,463
Nov. 5 2002 53,370
Nov. 2 2004 108,722
Nov. 7 2006 67,833
Nov. 4 2008 125,796
Nov. 2 2010 55,600
Nov. 6 2012 110,446

politicalleverage's picture

and on a side note...


For those keeping count. Only one person predicted the over before the election.

Rachel's picture

I for one am happy to be

I for one am happy to be wrong about this one.

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I didn't call a percentage...

...but I defnitely mentioned high teacher turn-out.

KC's picture

If it's statewide, and it is

If it's statewide, and it is reported to be, it may be teachers, but could be Tea Partiers.

Would hate if that's true, but the TP can GOTV.

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