I like it when they catch up to what many of you have been saying for years

snippet: "efforts are underway to reform the New York State Senate whose longtime incumbents are vulnerable because they could not govern."

It's probably just another fad we can ignore.

R. Neal's picture

Maybe we need Dean back at

Maybe we need Dean back at the DNC.

I realize that Kaine guy was busy trying to run Virginia, so maybe he will step up now that he has more time on his hands. But Dean's 50-state act will be hard to follow, and the DNC has been mostly MIA on Kaine's watch.

I also didn't like how Dean got the bum's rush from Team Obama. Maybe that's SOP, but I still didn't like it.

adanovi's picture

David Plouffe, not Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine has had all power removed from him, if he EVER had any in the first place. OFA has maintained a power structure and financial structure separate and apart from the DNC since before the convention. The White House made a point of announcing that David Plouffe would be put in charge of the DSCC, DCCC, and the Governors races for this year. I guess that leaves Tim Kaine to shake hands and ceremonously pick up checks and take the blame for the impending demise of our party.

The Obama "campaign" NEVER made it a priority to truly unify the Democratic Party under the Democratic banner but instead to maintain this structure of duality that siphoned off money, power, and influence under the OFA structure.

So, I place no responsibility, at this point, at the feet of Tim Kaine. With the announcement of Plouffe being put in charge of all major Democratic Party functions, it is clear that Kaine is merely a figurehead with the allusion of leading the Democratic Party. Plouffe, however, is REALLY the one in charge with the main focus of protecting Obama through the other arms of the Democratic Party.

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What is really needed at this point is a Dr. Dean-like person to knock some skulls and enforce party discipline with the threat of the party backing a primary opponent for anybody who breaks rank. If the Dems want to stay in power, they had better find some leadership with a quickness.

So far, Obama has stayed in a campaign mode that places rhetoric over results, and that is simply not working.

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Dean's 50-state act will be

bizgrrl's picture

They have to have a message

They have to have a message first.

EricLykins's picture

" but young people aren’t

" but young people aren’t asking for tax cuts." -John Zogby

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