Oct 1 2008
03:08 pm
She will outperform Senator Biden
15% (22 votes)
She will do just well enough to meet lowered media expectations
28% (40 votes)
She will have gaffes, but none that cause lasting damage to the ticket
23% (33 votes)
She will be a disaster
33% (47 votes)
Total votes: 142
redmondkr's picture

It would be funny if she

It would be funny if she spoofed Tina Fey

How will we know that is not Tina Fey that we see on the dais?

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MDB's picture

How will we know that is not

How will we know that is not Tina Fey that we see on the dais?

Has anyone ever seen them both in the same place at the same time?

Konafey's picture


The McLame camp can't afford the real thing.

Nobody's picture

Tina Fey

It would be funny if she spoofed Tina Fey.

sugarfatpie's picture

Hard to spoof someone who spoofs you with your exact words

Did you miss that aspect of Tina's spoofing?
That's what makes it so devastating, especially to those who haven't drunk the Palin-ade that their pastors, radio shock jocks and right wing pundits have been serving up.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

Justin's picture

It would be funny if she

It would be funny if she spoofed Tina Fey.

Tha would be an insult to Tina Fey.

R. Neal's picture

She already

She already did:


This shows her going into complete coached talking point dump mode. Expect more tonight.

sugarfatpie's picture

Follow the public not the pundits

Many pundits thought McCain won, or that it was a draw (leading to an un-earned Obama squeaker)
But polls showed most people thought Obama won decisively.

After tonights debate, many pundits will think Palin won simply because her head didn't explode. But that's just because they take their own media spin so seriously that their heads are up their asses.

I'll bet you the polls show Palin looses unless she shows herself to be more competent than Biden, or unless Biden comes off like an elitist prick (i.e. Gore, Kerry).
The chances of her appearing more competent than Biden are nil.
The chances of Biden coming off like an elitist prick are also pretty low. He makes gaffes, but not THAT kind of gaffe.

This one is Biden's to loose, not the other way around.
Since the Couric disaster. most people are looking for the chinks in Palin's armor, not Biden's.
Short of a miracle, they will find them.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

Sven's picture

Liberal eggheads point to

Liberal eggheads point to this clip of Palin as proof that she can be "articulate, poised and confident."

Perhaps I'm blinded by PDS, but other than the absence of the deer in the headlights look, I'm not seeing it. Or hearing's the same nonsensical mishmash of happy talk and non sequiturs.

Konafflicted's picture


"Articulate, poised and confident".

Translated into Earthling means
"rehearsed, delusional, and arrogant".

Honestly? I hope she breaks a nail.

Konabatable's picture

As always...

As always it will depend on who's watching.
There will always be the intellectually challenged that see and hear only what they wish to see and hear.

She could fall face first into oblivion and the FOX types will declare her the winner.
She, in reality, will make a complete fool of herself which is what we will see because we don't have our heads up our asses.

Fact is, unless she says something along the lines of "Bomb Trinidad", she will come out the clear loser but will get a bounce just by hanging in there against a man. Not to mention a man that has decades of experience in political debate.

In the eyes of the non-internet-pundit public, this is Biden's debate to lose, not Palin's to win. Biden would do well to focus on the moderator's questions and avoid direct exchanges with Palin.
The Goppers will just call him a bully if he climbs her tree and it will generate sympathy for her.

Like McLame, Palin is the kind of person that will hang them self if provided with enough rope.

talidapali's picture

I agree Kona...

on most of your points, but Biden cannot afford to completely ignore her. McCain refused to even look at Obama and that made him look really, really bad. Biden must address Palin directly, but not jump her like a mugger. He should respectfully disagree with her talking points and then say, "and here's why..." But he has got to look her in the eye and answer her points.

McCain not looking once at Obama or speaking to him directly looked like he was either a) scared shitless or b) totally disrespecting his opponent which gives the lie to the phrase "my worthy (respected...esteemed...insert your favorite adjective here) opponent" every time he utters it. Don't let Palin get away with untruths, but be respectful so that they can't whine afterward that he was being mean to her.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

Konadapali's picture

Hi sweetie!

Good to see ya again. :)

I understand, I'm not saying just flat ignore her. I'm saying he shouldn't get into direct, heated exchanges with her due to my belief that they'll have her ready to play the boo hoo card much the way Hillary played it during the primary. It gained her a lot of sympathy from the hopelessly gullible.

Regardless of what really transpires, this debate will definitely be the entertainment apex of the election.
I have popcorn, beer and a joint of Mango the size of Cheney's hunting rifle. I'm ready.

Sven's picture

It's weird. If you cock your

It's weird. If you cock your head a certain way and squint real hard, there is a certain appeal in that kind of postmodern rambling. It's less like bullshitting than free association. Privacy's a good thing, right? But way.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, this could really get her in trouble though. If anti-choice wingnuts know anything, it's abortion case law.

Brian A.'s picture

I'm inclined to give her a

I'm inclined to give her a little leeway regarding the not naming any cases gaffe, as I'm not immune to blanking out when asked to rattle off a list of names out of the clear blue. But that omission, coupled with her rambling thoughts above and the privacy no-no really makes me wonder if she follows any of the Supreme Court's decisions.

Is this another incurious George Bush in moose's clothing?

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

Rachel's picture

Hell, you'd think she could

Hell, you'd think she could at least have come up with the Exxon Valdez damages case. I'm assuming she disagrees with SCOTUS on that one.

I think her ignorance on many things is so profound and her head has been stuffed so full of talking pts that now she can't even remember the stuff she DOES know.

reform4's picture

She opposed the decision before she forgot about it

As governor, she came out against the Valdez case.

As candidate, she doesn't even remember it. So much for hoping that she'd be our hedge against McCain's future dementia.

Or is that current dementia?

Brian A.'s picture


As Josh notes, Palin says she believes there's a right to privacy in the Constitution. Either that, or she doesn't what the hell she's talking about.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

Rachel's picture

She doesn't know what she

She doesn't know what she talking about. The Roe decision was based a lot on the privacy right that most conservatives don't think exists.

Concerned Taxpayer's picture

I guess we will know

I guess we will know Thursday night.

KC's picture

How Palin does will depend,

How Palin does will depend, at least somewhat and maybe a big part, on how bad Biden can make her look.

If he doesn't fall for any of her baits, as Obama nearly fell for some of McCain's, and if he can keep from smiling when she makes a doozy (and that may be harder to do than it sounds), then unless she has been able to not only learn during her latest cram courses, but also to process and articulate the information, she probably won't change any votes based on her knowledge and her ability to present it.

I'm sure her advisers are giving her answers as to bait Biden into making "sexist" responses and making himself look bad, rather than hoping she can reform her image of being about a millimeter deep.

Sven's picture

I surrender. The heart of

I surrender.

The heart of Sarah Palin's appeal is --

Wait, did you see that? There! She did it again: wrinkled up her nose in a way that either looks like a sneer or is adorably reminiscent of Samantha from "Bewitched..."

And that smile, that nearly ever-present smile, which either indicates -- oh, dear, here we go again -- that she's sarcastic and dismissive or that she's letting you in on a very clever joke.

People love her so. People hate her so. At the heart of it is the delivery, a style of speaking we'll see again in tomorrow night's debate, a style that reaches past folksy and veers into the territory of -- to hell with it, cue the charges of sexism -- cute.


The confidence is underscored by something Palin does frequently at the ends of her sentences. She sets her lips in forceful line (perfectly captured by Tina Fey in her first "Saturday Night Live" impersonation) as if to communicate that the matter is settled.

If Tina Fey perfectly captures the rhetorical style, then why not - the hell with it - make her vice president?

Sven's picture

Oh yes. It's funny how what

Oh yes.

It's funny how what passes for reality is shaped these days, innit? I voted for option B, but how could we possibly have an inkling that her appearance wouldn't be a disaster? How could "exceeded expectations" mean "put together a coherent sentence?" It's simply not possible to become competent by spending three days at the McCain ranch.

Reminds me of that Pierce piece:

And the people who hated him went crazy and the people who loved him defended him. But where were the people who heard this incredible, staggeringly stupid bafflegab, uttered with conscious forethought, and realized that whatever they thought of the man, the president had gotten behind a series of podiums and done everything but drop his drawers and dance the hootchie-koo?

I hear he's writing a book on the theme.

gime_shltr's picture

Sorry to interupt this program...

I have never seen the word "innit" in print. I will file that one away for another day.

Thanks Sven.

Now back to the program....

Factchecker's picture

I voted the third, but...

That was basically going to be my comment, Sven, except I can't put werds togethr that gud.

Except does RBC stand for "reality based..."?

Sven's picture

I think "expectations" and

I think "expectations" and "disaster" have been redefined so as to be unrecognizable to a citizen of the RBC.

The real question is how many citizens live in the RBC.

talidapali's picture

I voted for gaffes...

but I'm hoping for disaster.

I think she will barely squeak by and in most people's eyes, because of the lowered expectations, that will be chalked up as a win.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

Brian A.'s picture

I think that because of the

I think that because of the format, she will be able to talk her way through it without a significant incident. And unless she does make big mistake, the debate ultimately won't matter much on November 4.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.


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