May 16 2014
02:56 am

This is a blunt and troubling article by Robert Reich and posted on AlterNet. It raises an important issue of which I think most people are unaware - rising maternal mortality in the US. It also highlights the reasons behind it.


Robert Reich: How the Right is Literally Killing Women
The maternal death rate is growing. That is just wrong.

In 1990, the maternal mortality rate in America was 12.4 women per 100,000 births. In 2003, it was 17.6. Now it’s 18.5.... Something’s clearly wrong....Researchers aren’t sure what’s happening but they’re almost unanimous in pointing to a lack of access to health care, coupled with rising levels of poverty....But this tragic trend is also a clear matter of public choice.

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The danger of inequality

Thanks for posting this, Amy. Inequality is killing people. It's a danger to all of us.

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Important news.

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