The House just voted 357-22 to bar President Trump from exiting NATO. Burchett was one of the 22 who voted against it. All 22 were Republicans.

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Does Burchett not realize

Does Burchett not realize that NATO is why we haven't had global thermonuclear war? Maybe he should talk that over with the boys at Vol Market next time he's in town.

(Also, I think the Constitution says Congress has to approve treaties, so they have a role, not just the president.)

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Burchett is a likable guy,

Burchett is a likable guy, but I feel he may be getting in over his head. He needs to use his head to think and not as Trump's rubber stamp.

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Tennessee "no" votes

I see at least three of the 22 "no' votes are from Tennessee. I wonder if they really know what NATO is in enough detail to understand it.

Final vote results


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No Civics classes

This is the result of Tennessee education not including civics classes so that "representatives" don't know what their job is.

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The "invertebrate" wing of

The "invertebrate" wing of the republican party

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