Jan 19 2018
08:22 am

Intel Committee Releases Glenn Simpson Testimony Transcripts

GOP Rep. Tom Rooney -
"If we knew that Donald Trump was working with the Russian mafia to fund Doonbeg in Ireland, then there's no way he would be President."

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Will several installments of transcripts be printed in the Knoxville News Sentinel?

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Probably not, though all three days of testimony ,

should be online. Rachel Maddow is doing a pretty good job of covering the story, but there's really more going on than can be covered in one hour.

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I've read on-line most of the

I've read on-line most of the 312 pages of the Nov. 8 transcript and about half of the Nov. 14 transcript and found both very informative. Since everybody doesn't have computers I though that local newspapers could fill that void.

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Times like this.

This is when a community really misses having a Scott Barker on the editorial staff of a paper. I doubt anyone employed by the Sentinel will even bother to read the transcripts.

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Thanks, Bob, though I doubt it would have made much of a difference. Under Gannett, decisions on national stories are made elsewhere, from story selection to design. Nobody in Knoxville knows what's going to be in tomorrow's national report for the print version.

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