Some good news.

From NBC News and DOT ...

Connecticut, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan, respectively, led 36 states with lower overall traffic deaths in 2011.

Highway deaths hit six-decade low, government data show

Tennessee looks like 2nd with 8.3% drop between 2010 and 2011.

2011 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview

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In October, WBIR had a brief

In October, WBIR had a brief report on 2012 highway deaths and DUI arrests in Tennessee.

The number of recorded fatalities on Tennessee roads in 2012 reached 765 by Friday evening. Last year on this same date, the number was 728.

From January 1 through September 30, THP made 4,349 DUI arrests statewide. During the same time in 2011, THP made 3,487 DUI arrests.

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Road fatalities are

Road fatalities are increasing in 2012, both in Tennessee and nationwide. First time that has happened since the great recession started, I believe.

I'm not sure if increased travel is the explanation, or something else.

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I read last week that the

I read last week that the U.S. was at just over 32,000 highway deaths for the 2011 year with this year's figures not final.I hope that any higher death toll for 2012 will be an exception and deaths will be reduced in the future. I think that the death toll will continue to improve because of side airbags & other safety features on automobiles. Any death on the highway is tragic, but I am glad safety has improved significantly since I was a high school student during the mid-1970s when I think the death toll was over 50,000 per year. Today, we have millions of more drivers on the roads, so we have made some improvements. Improved child restraint seats have also been effective at preventing deaths for child passengers. My grandson is getting close to his 1st birthday & growing. We had the discussion today about changing the seat that he is outgrowing and getting out the bigger one from the attic that my 4 yr. old grand daughter has also outgrown.
Alcohol has caused many highway deaths over the years but law enforcement officers continue to find better ways to get drunk drivers off the road. Campaigns to encourage designated drivers and to increase driver safety awareness has also helped.The decrease in highway deaths would be even more if drivers would be more responsible and refrain from cell phone use and texting.

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