Nov 14 2012
11:47 pm

"Competition drives improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, offering consumers higher quality goods and services at a lower cost." --Mitt Romney

Figures don't lie

You don't say, Mitt. You don't say.

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It wasn't just the

It wasn't just the presidential election. Big money did a lot of losing across the nation. I saw in the Big Sky, Big Money Frontline special that 94% of the time, the candidate that raises the most money wins. I would like to see 2012 tally. Is this a Mayan-calendar-big-reset-button-kind-of-a-BFD?

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New light to the phrase "picking winners and losers"

Romney's quote also helps explain why people like him make so much money. They figure how they can leverage their assets to game the system and come up with clever rationalizations that make it sound like everyone benefits when they do.

He's not the solution; he's the problem.

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