May 8 2012
07:30 am

While checking over some industry news this morning, my DailyDose came with this article on potential bank closures -- banks that pose a high risk of being closed.

The high-risk banks are more heavily concentrated in Georgia (41 banks), followed by Florida (32), Illinois (24), Minnesota (12), North Carolina (11), Tennessee (9) and Missouri (9).

Brian A.'s picture

Which ones?

Which ones?

smalc's picture

The east Tennessee ones

The east Tennessee ones are:
The Citizens Bank of East Tennessee
Peoples Bank of East Tennessee
Mountain National Bank

The others seem to be in middle TN.

michael kaplan's picture

Isn't BankEast already in

Isn't BankEast already in FDIC receivership?

bizgrrl's picture

Believe you are correct.

bizgrrl's picture

Wow, The Citizens Bank of

Wow, The Citizens Bank of East TN, Rogersville, has been open since 1906. The other two have only been open since the late 90's.

michael kaplan's picture

here's the list, though it's

here's the list, though it's not organized by location.

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