Sep 30 2020
05:13 pm
By: R. Neal
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There doesn't seem to be a choice in this matter

While I believe the Democratic Party is not exactly the voice of the people , it is the vehicle for change toward a more sane society right now. But one thing I've learned is that for us to realize a more just society it takes conscious action every day with each incounter we have with anybody. It comes down to living the Golden Rule. That may be our most effective political activism. Thank you .

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You are indeed wise... probably beyond your years! We live in an "I, Me, Mine" world. George Harrison said it & it was the Beatles very last recording.


Egoism is truly the folly of man.

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You know,

That's a pretty good ticket. It's long on competency and short on flash, glitter, and empty rhetoric.

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Is there any way you could

Is there any way you could make a permanent link to this list until after the election right above the discussion column on the right side as a knoxviews endorsement of candidates?

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Good idea. There you go.

Good idea. There you go. Added to the countdown.

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Looks good! I had already

Looks good! I had already taken a screenshot of the list but I think it'll help others by keeping the list visible.

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If anyone needs a ride to the polls call me

If I'm not working , I'll be glad to help

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