Jul 9 2018
10:03 pm
By: R. Neal

Would you please put a collar with an ID tag on your dog?

Just this weekend the Mrs. encountered two dogs running loose without tags. One followed her home. It had a collar but no tag. We corralled it in the back yard and put out a notice on the local neighborhood message board, and another neighbor posted it on all the local missing dog sites. Thankfully, the owner saw the notice and came to pick him up.

Maybe your dogs have tags. But maybe your neighbors and friends have dogs that don't have tags. Encourage them to get tags. You can get them for $5 or $10. That's cheap. PetSmart has machines that make them on the spot.

Plus, I'm pretty sure state law says that your dog has to have a rabies shot, that the vet or clinic that administers it must record a serial number and issue a tag, and that your dog must have the tag on at all times. Absent anything else, lost dogs can be traced via the rabies tag ID number.

Dogs get loose. We get that. Help them and the people who find them find you. It's not that hard. How many dogs end up in kill shelters for lack of a tag? Don't let your dog be one of them.


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