In case you missed it, recordings played at recent Pilot Flying J federal trial expose company executives as a bunch of drunk rednecks.


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That's disgusting. How much

That's disgusting.

How much corporate culture is like that? It's shocking to me to hear this language and attitudes in current times. I really thought corporate America was better than that. Fooled me.

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As a high level corporate

As a high level corporate executive in a past life, I never heard anything like that. Not in a business or business social setting. Sure there were always a few racist assholes along the way, but stuff like that was never tolerated.

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(link...) When asked about


When asked about the term “Manuel rebates,” a nickname testimony has shown Pilot Flying J’s sales executives used to refer to the fraud, Chapman said Hazelwood “described it as being an art. He said (Manuel) was the method of determining the art.”

The nickname was a play on the term “manual rebate,” a method of paying trucking firms discounts on fuel, and a nod to the fact that trucking firms targeted for fraud were often owned by minorities, including Hispanics.

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The fact that these guys were

The fact that these guys were at the top of the corporation sure says something about the corporate culture. And it ain't good.

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