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Is this the new thread

Is this the new thread against Obamacare? ACA good, Obamacare bad? If this is real, then Houston, we have a problem.

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Real or not, I've heard it

Can't remember who said it, but somewhere in the punditry after the election, an answer to "what do we do now?" was "Democrats should not let a school board race go uncontested anywhere in America."

In the face of Trump lining up Devos as SecEd, that's a good a plan as any. And it's a winnable one.

The older I get the more convinced I get that you can't teach uneducated old people new salient facts.

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Why do you stop at referencing just "old" uneducated people?

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While I mostly refer to the

While I mostly refer to the ACA as RomneyCare, I hate calling it anything other than the weak sauce that it is. I understand that the Dems were trying to "own it" but it was a dumb thing to do. Dems should have called it ACA or RomneyCare and circumvented this sort of idiocy.

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The Republicans have nailed it on

The Republicans have nailed it on messaging. The Democrats stink at it. Time to catch up.

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Think Bernie had it,

and so does Warren.

Sanders never stood a chance, the subject of this post goes to prove it.

Privatization, corporatism and socialism are all soon to be understood on new levels. Much more personal ones.

Warren's message of ridding public business of corporate influence works on both a presidential level and a school board level.

If she's not the nominee in 2020, it'll be a shame.

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