Jun 29 2018
08:09 am

We have more Democrats on the ballot than we've had in recent memory, and most of them are quality candidates. Here are the area Democrats on the Aug. 2nd State Primary and County General Election ballot:

County general election:

• Knox County Mayor: Linda Haney
• County Commission District 3: Cody Biggs
• County Commission District 7: Steve Hart
• County Commission At-Large Seat 10: Tori Griffin
• County Commission At-Large Seat 11: Daniel Gerke
• Circuit Court Clerk: Sheri Ridgeway

State primary:

• Governor: Karl Dean
• Governor: Craig Fitzhugh
• Governor: Mezianne Vale Payne
• U.S. Senate: Phil Bredesen
• U.S. Senate: Gary Davis
• U.S. Senate: John Wolfe
• U.S. House District 2: Renee Hoyos
• U.S. House District 2: Joseph Schenkenfelder
• U.S. House District 2: Joshua Williams
• TN Senate District 5: Stuart Starr
• TN Senate District 7: Jamie Ballinger
• TN House District 13: Gloria Johnson
• TN House District 14: Justin Davis
• TN House District 14: Alex Dunn, Jr.
• TN House District 15: Rick Staples
• TN House District 16: Kate Trudell
• TN House District 18: Joshua Gregory
• TN House District 18: Greg Mackay
• TN House District 19: Edward Nelson
• TN House District 89: Keifel Agostini
• TN House District 89: Coleen Martinez

And over in Blount County, the same candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House, plus:

County general election:

• County Commission District 1 Seat A: Jackie Hill
• County Commission District 1 Seat B: Tanya Martin
• County Commission District 3 Seat A: April White
• County Commission District 4 Seat C: Jeff Barbra
• County Commission District 5 Seat A: Ginny West Case
• County Commission District 8 Seat B: Kathleen Puckett

State Primary:

• TN House 8th District: Jay Clark
• TN House 20th District: Susan Sneed

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Two Dem candidates competing in the state primary in 89th House

We have not one but two Democrats running for the 89th House district that is being vacated by Roger Kane. The 89th district is northwestern Knox county including Hardin Valley, Karns and sections off of Western Ave. The candidates are Keifel Agostini and Coleen Martinez.

Keifel's website found here

Coleen's website found here

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Dang, I knew I'd miss

Dang, I knew I'd miss somebody. Thanks, Mike! List updated.

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