Feb 4 2013
01:30 pm

TDOT officials met with Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Knox Co. Mayor Tim Burchett to update them on the status of the Henley (Street) Bridge project. During the meeting, TDOT Commissioner John Schroer said that the bridge is not scheduled to reopen to traffic until Feb. 28, 2014.

Mayor Rogero's office released the following statement:

"I am extremely disappointed that the Henley Bridge opening will be delayed, and I continue to be very concerned about the impact on Chapman Highway businesses and South Knoxville residents," Mayor Rogero said. "I appreciate Commissioner Schroer's meeting with me and Mayor Burchett to explain why this delay is necessary."

Mayor Rogero and other City officials will remain in close contact with Commissioner Schroer for the duration of the project. The City will also continue to maintain its South Knox Is Open website, at, to encourage support for businesses affected by the bridge closing.

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TN House/Senate Transportation Committee

Last week on PBS, TDOT's Commissioner addressed the committee on how great his staff was. He went on say that his staff does such a great job, he can spend his time on the golf course. TDOT schedules regional meetings in the Crossville area during golf season on the taxpayers dime.

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