Feb 22 2006
06:32 pm

I was contacted by UT student Brian David Crane who is looking for a house in the downtown area. In a unique approach, he wants to tap into the local blogosphere to get information and seek advice on buying a house in the downtown area.

He said in an e-mail he's looking for advice from "everyone from Mechanicsville to Old North Knoxville to 4th & Gay to loft dwellers."

He also said this: "If you want to include a bit about me, just say that I am a UT student with more time than money who is looking to go into one of the downtown neighborhoods in order to purchase and renovate a house."

Leave a comment here for him or e-mail him at: brian(at)

BTW, check out his travels.

P.S. My apologizes for using this outlet for house hunting but I knew some folks here could help him. 


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I can't speak about

all the neighborhoods around downtown, but I just completed a house search focusing on north Knoxville and I can say that Old North and 4th and Gill are getting very pricey for everything other than very dilapidated fixer-uppers. Of course pricey is relative -- by California standards everything in Knoxville is a steal.

Anyway, my sense was that it's gotten to the point in those two neighborhoods that you're paying a big premium for the neighborhood regardless of the size and quality of the house. There are probably much better deals in Parkridge, Mechanicsville, and a little farther north, like Oakwood/Lincoln Park. That said, if Brian can afford something on one of the better blocks in one of those neighborhoods, it would be a heckuva good investment.

Knoxville Area Association of Realtors has its own MLS Web site ((link...)) that I'm told is more up to date than, so that's a good place to start.

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Yeah, definitely check out

Yeah, definitely check out Oakwood/Lincoln Park. It's close to downtown & there's lots of great deals on really nice houses.
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Old North Knoxville's site

...offers a look at homes for sale

We've been in the neighborhood 7 months and have really settled in.

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Why not South Knoxville?

It is just across the river. Big plans are being made for changes to the riverfront. There is a cute little house (haven't actually seen it, just on on Maplewood, one street from Island Home Blvd. for $89,900. Careful, I may be looking at it.


briandavidcrane's picture

Thanks For The Advice

Wow, now I understand why Michael posted my question here - you folks have a vibrant community!  Basically, I don't have more than (max) $70,000 to spend but I have lots of time and manpower to invest in a project.  Also, I will take a look at South Knoxville ASAP.
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South Knoxville is different.

But, we won't kill you.

I grant you the house I mentioned is a small house, but it is right in the midst of the Island Home neighborhood of mostly fine older homes. I believe there are two or three 70s homes as well. The boulevard is very pretty, great for an evening stroll. Not much traffic at all.

Your city councilman will live only a block or so away. Besides the bus, you can easily jog or bike to town. The river and a small park are only two or so blocks away (we do so love the river). There is a walking/bike trail off this small park to Ijams nature refuge.

For someone with a little more than $70K (or a great negotiator) the Maplewood home might be of interest.

Update. Oh, and I cannot say anything about North (?) Knox (i.e.  Oakwood/Lincoln Park/Arlington) since I do not really even know where these places are and only go to North Knox (north of downtown) once a year or less. No need. The preference is South of the river.


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There are actually several

There are actually several homes for sale on Maplewood right now (not all have For Sale signs in the yards yet). These tend to be more modest than say, a house on the Boulevard, yet offer all the amenities of Island Home Park. In additon to the things already mentioned, we have an excellent neighborhood association and lots of friendly people. I've lived here for almost 9 years and wouldn't go anywhere else.

P.S. There's also a really cute smallish house for rent on Maplewood for anyone interested in renting.

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Homes for sale

I'd love to know about the homes for sale on Maplewood and in the area in general.  I'm looking for something at $115,000 or under.

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yes its nice to live near

yes its nice to live near the councilman,,at least hes in the same neighborhood where he promised to make better,and hasn't, that way he to can be reminded on a daily basis of his failures.

Car Guy's picture

He's such a failure that he

He's such a failure that he won re-election. And he won every single voting ward in the entire city. That's hardly the mark of someone not doing their job.Undecided

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Some anonymous person

"Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2006/02/26 - 12:16pm.

yes its nice to live near the councilman,,at least hes in the same neighborhood where he promised to make better,and hasn't, that way he to can be reminded on a daily basis of his failures."

Haha, could not be funnier if you'd sign your name.

As it is, Mr. Anonymous, I doubt you'd expess the opinion face to face.

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