Oct 16 2012
06:15 am

3rd Congressional District candidate Dr. Mary Headrick appeared at a candidate forum on Monday, October 8, in Cleveland TN with her opponent, incumbent Rep. Chuck Fleischmann.

A reader has videos of their responses to questions on a variety of topics:

School Vouchers
Affordable Care Act
Entitlement program funding
Taxes and spending
Fiscal cliff
Chickamauga locks

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Democratic Congressional Candidates

We need to have the Democratic Congressional Candidates, Mary Headrick and Eric Stewart elected to Congress to help President Obama move this Republic "forward" instead of "backward." The elected officials who call themselves Republicans, along with the voters who are convinced to vote the Republican Party back into Office, giving them too much control, have always destroyed the balance of this Republic's economic systems. It appears that not only are these people ignoring the facts of History from the 1929 great depression and now without a full recovery from the 2007 deep recession, they want to continue destroying our economy by stopping the President from using the role of Government to prevent another great depression.
Was it the private enterprise systems that prevented another great depression?
What is stopping the Private sectors from stepping up to put the people back to work on production and manufacturing jobs here in the USA instead of depending on the US consumers to continue creating over a $1.0 trillion dollars yearly trade deficit buying their imported goods that are manufactured outside the USA?

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Fleishman's platform


Pages 20-29

This gut can't be serious. He wants to give businesses the power to poison your children then deny them medical care.

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