Sep 27 2012
08:09 am

The Tennessean reports that Gov. Haslam and Mayor Dean of Nashville called an 8AM press conference to announce a "major economic development."

UPDATE: HCA making major investment in Nashville, building new facility at formerly vacant downtown site. The new office towers will be corporate headquarters for HCA's research and business service operations that will initially employ 1000 and possibly up to 2000 in the future. Nashville incentives include $500 per employee and tax abatement. State incentives include $7,500 per new employee.

UPDATE: Nashville Business Journal reports...

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I wonder if this building

I wonder if this building will house 1,000 new employees or if HCA will just be moving employees from other buildings in the area. I also wonder if the $7,500 per new employee incentive is for new employees to Nashville or to HCA as a whole.

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At the press conference,

At the press conference, Haslam didn't seem sure about the state incentive and had to ask somebody to verify the $7500 figure.

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I wonder if HCA is going to provide the new exchange services. How convenient.

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ACA=HCA. The Washington Post


The Washington Post reported a few months ago that the one industry that has done really well during the recession has been health insurers.

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Yay, a few hundred more

Yay, a few hundred more vehicles on West End Avenue.

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The incentives they are

The incentives they are getting initially will cover about half of their $16.5 million Medicare fraud settlement last week. That's just a rounding error, though, on their earnings of $3 billion on revenues of $35 billion.

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