Feb 6 2013
04:39 pm

I thought we already did tort reform?

HB0978 by Rep. Ryan Haynes (R-Knoxville) limits recovery for medical costs in personal injury or wrongful death actions to amounts paid by or on behalf of the claimant, amounts necessary to satisfy unpaid charges for medical care, and amounts necessary to satisfy future medical charges."

The legislation is called the "Phantom Damages Elimination Act," which makes it pretty easy to google the source.

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HB0978 is what happens when we are too lazy to do our civic duty at every election. How much more are we going to have to be dumped on before the next election. GET UP and GET BUSY NOW to remove these people like Rep. Hayes who are looking out for the well being on organizations like ALEC instead of the well being of all Tennessee citizens.

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Damn. I really thought Ryan

I really thought Ryan was better than that.

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Fooled you

This was a huge mistake on Haynes part. He has both doctors and lawyers in his district and it's only going to take one high profile wrongful death to end his political career.

And it will happen in relatively short order. It's a bad law that won't take long to expose itself.

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