Oct 22 2011
07:36 am

Statement from Padgett
Statement from Rogero

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As promised in comments below, Rachel has forwarded a copy of a crude, unsigned letter being circulated by "A Concerned Knoxville Republican" supporting Padgett.

It's too offensive to post here (and probably libelous), so I will try to summarize.

It says "This election is between a young man with our values and a left wing community organizer like her hero Barack Hussein Obama," that Rogero is an atheist, and that "Her base of support is a bunch of drug addicts and hippies."

That's the nice part.

It goes on to names names of people who have allegedly been promised jobs by Rogero and refers to them in a most derogatory manner. It refers to another of her supporters using an offensive slur regarding their supposed sexual orientation.

Ironically, it goes on to say that Padgett has promised jobs, too, but "You can count on him to give some of these good jobs to people who know us and will help us."

It names the prominent Republicans who support Padgett, and says that he "has the support of the Haslam family and the Duncan family."

The funniest part says "nationally known 'blogger' Brian Hornback has stepped up for Padgett."

It concludes by saying "Mark is keeping up with who helps him and who hurts him. You better jump on the bandwagon now. November 9th will be too late to claim you helped. It is now or never."

So anyway, I can't imagine there's any way the Padgett campaign was involved in this or even knew about it. The best thing they could do would be to disavow it and distance themselves. So should every other Republican named in the letter, unless this is the kind of stuff they stand for.

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That's easily the most vile

That's easily the most vile piece I've ever seen sent out in local politics. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of hatred that springs up at the thought of Madeline being Mayor.

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Got a call from my friend

Got a call from my friend Lloyd Daugherty who reports hearing from 13 of his members who have gotten this piece of trash (for those of you who don't know, Lloyd chairs the Tennessee Conservative Union).

He says that 8 of them say they've decided to vote for Madeline.

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The only thing more

The only thing more destructive than a good Republican is a Republican masquerading as a bad Democrat.

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Bbeanster's picture

Grandma Bean used to say 'Lay

Grandma Bean used to say 'Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.'


You are known by the company you keep.

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This, along with the other fliers from peoples Mail Boxes are a strategic ploy, and are being distributed by people that are trying for whatever reason to hurt the Padgett Campaign.


Bbeanster's picture

This, along with the other

This, along with the other fliers from peoples Mail Boxes are a strategic ploy, and are being distributed by people that are trying for whatever reason to hurt the Padgett Campaign.


By, golly, I think you're onto something!
Madeline is surrounded by grifters who have a history of doing this kind of thing. Isn't she?

Note to Newbies: The statement above is sarcasm.

Rachel's picture

Oh good grief. Ya'll really

Oh good grief. Ya'll really think Madeline is a modern day female Machiavelli, don't you?

stalwartdem's picture

nice try

Nice try, but no dice. This was obviously written by some seething right wing nut who doesnt have enough to do in life. Just as obviously mr padgett's denunciation of this is genuine. however the object lesson for mr padgett here is "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword" By so visible hitching his wagon to city repubs, he inadvertantly invites nuts like this guy to reap havoc.

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Also interesting how it

Also interesting how it promises that Padgett will appoint a Republican as police chief -- and "It will be a man who knows how to run a large law enforcement department around here too."

Rachel's picture

Police chief

It's particularly interesting since the mailer showed up yesterday and Padgett said on Inside Tennessee Thursday night he would keep Chief Rausch.

Look, I certainly to not think the Padgett campaign had anything to do with this, and I suspect it may backfire and hurt him at least as much as it helps him. But.. Bean's line about dogs and fleas is a bit appropriate.

CBT's picture

I am one of the ones

I am one of the ones mentioned in the letter as supporting Rogero. I have been called some terrible things over the last 20+ years. Sometimes on this blog (which is one reason I stopped posting here). But, this is most hateful, vile political piece I've ever read. It's full of lies, from those who supposedly support Padgett (Haslams and Duncans) to blatant lies about Rogero supporters. Show me where any "Duncan" has endorsed either candidate. The "Haslams" have given money to both Padgett and Rogero.

'Ryan', just shut up with the Padgett spin. And, use your real name. I do. So do lots of others. I've read enough of your thousand or so comments supporting Padgett. You're for Padgett, which is fine. But, I've been involved in political campaigns for a long time. I've seen this type of mailing before from some people who are supporting Padgett. To claim this mailing is some ploy by Rogero to make Padgett look bad is ridiculous and makes you look stupid. I would suggest that you, as a Padgett supporter, would do well to leave this one alone.

Whether Padgett distances himself from this or not, the volume and tone of these anonymous mailings speaks to those who are attracted to his campaign and the extent to which some will go. I am disgusted by it. I expect that anyone who reads it will feel likewise. Plus, a lot of folks will associate these very personal attacks with Mark. Should he not win, they may poison the water for him in a future campaign.

I won't dignify the mailing by demonstrating the things said about me are lies. They are. For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone can sit down and type out such things which are clearly designed to hurt people and their families, business and friends, fold those letters up, stuff them in an envelope and mail them.

I am certain of one thing. Whoever wrote them wouldn't say those things to my face.

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Statement from Padgett:


Calls it a "potential hate crime."

Rachel's picture

But, this is most hateful,

But, this is most hateful, vile political piece I've ever read.

Me too. I don't shock easily and my jaw was on the floor.

Whoever wrote them wouldn't say those things to my face.

Or anybody else's face either.

Since these came through the PO, is there any way to trace them?

Bbeanster's picture

The letters were stamped, not

The letters were stamped, not metered, so there's probably no way to trace them.

SnM's picture

Use to, didn't the post mark

Use to, didn't the post mark at least show what zip code a piece was routed from?

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I totally agree with the Lie down with dogs comment.

I checked out Mark's website when he first entered the campaign, found names there of folks who I could not and would not support even tho' many claim to be 'democrats'. I told Mark I could not support him for that reason. And many others here in our District told me they felt the same way. And then when he began to explain his 'positions' on TYP, the Hilltop Ridge plan ("they are trying to ram that down "OUR" throats", he did NOT represent our Party's positions, platform or agenda. So, I tried to only support Madeline behind the scenes.
So, it doesn't matter who wrote and put out this piece of trash. Maybe the intent was to divide this community like it has been divided for years. The person/people who wrote it are cowards, just dogs like you described, Betty.
And at the Beck Debate, the focus from Patterson and Hubert Smith was "how many times she raised taxes", how many times she was arrested, was she going to help unionize city employees, blah blah. I left early because she answered each one of these RUMORS brilliantly, and yet that was apparently the Agenda. I do respect and appreciate Mark's courage and dedication to running for public office. But this should be a lesson in Knox County politics is a vicious, dirty game and next time he should be aware of those out there who would want him to fail. And he should Learn who to trust.

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Your headline is deceptive.

Your headline is deceptive. You dont know who it is from.

I am sorry. That is too over the top to be considered real. My money says it is a Rogero supporter (or Rogero) trying to make Padget look bad.

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Your post is useless. You

Your post is useless. You dont [sic] know what quotation marks are.

And no one cares what your money says, even when backed by such strong supporting logic.

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Sure - because Madeline and

Sure - because Madeline and her supporters are just SO likely to be throwing around slurs toward gay people.

Same advice to you I've given to other Padgett supporters (and you might want to learn how to spell his name) - follow your candidate's lead. Don't spin, just condemn, and then stop talking.

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so over the top to be considered real???

Dear Anon: do you ever read the repeat wing nut letters to the editor in the KNS?? read them and then tell me this cant be real.

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Didn't get the hateful mail,

Didn't get the hateful mail, but sure got a hateful look from a women I passed on the greenway behind Ivan's homestead. I was wearing my "Madeline Rogero for Mayor" Tee-shirt.

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The letters were stamped, not metered, so there's probably no way to trace them

My first thought - that's a lot of stamps to lick. But now I realize - you don't have to send out many of these hate mailers. Just a few to some well connected citizens and they are all over the news. Does anyone know an "ordinary joe" with no political, civic or noteworthy business affiliations who got one?

Rachel's picture

These days, you don't even

These days, you don't even have to lick stamps.

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