Jun 13 2019
01:51 pm

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs: "vile"

Knox County DA Charme Allen: "reprehensible"

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee: [no recorded comment]


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Fritts doubles down

“I’m not calling anybody in here to arms. I’m not calling anyone here to violence,” he said, “I’m saying it’s the government’s responsibility, is what I said."

(emphasis mine)


We've seen this before, haven't we.

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Could not believe this

Could not believe this Baptist minister. I am disgusted. Can this man be arrested for instigating crime by death threats? Has the church kicked him out?

Alex_Falk's picture

he is not on administrative leave / sheriff has taken no action

It is *his* church, and he is doubling down on his message for capital punishment for folks like me.
No action has been taken by the Sheriff, Fritts put in for early retirement days *before* the sermon and has been using his sick days up until his retirement kicks in mid-July.

Knox County Sheriff's Office will cover Fritts' ass, pay his sick days and his two-decade retirement on the taxpayer dime. Not a thing will change in an organization that was comfortable employing and arming for twenty years someone who views people like me as reprobate subhumans that deserve death. Like JJ said about hispanic immigrants: "stack em like cordwood" -- the culture of violence and evil starts at the top.

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Gov. Lee is too busy

Gov. Lee is too busy conferring with Casada on whether to hire Fritts for a legislative staff or a cabinet post.

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As Mayor of Knoxville, I am outraged at the statements by Knox County Sheriff’s Detective Grayson Fritts. To clarify, the Detective is not a City of Knoxville employee but an employee of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

However, Fritts’ statements raise concerns locally and nationally about protecting LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Fritts’ statements have cast a negative light on our community making it imperative to share my personal position and the position of the City of Knoxville.

The City of Knoxville has been proactive in implementing LGBTQ+ equality and promoting inclusiveness in policy decisions and employee benefits for many years, including the following:

In 2012, we expanded our non-discrimination ordinance for City of Knoxville employees to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
Since 2014, the City of Knoxville has offered equal health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits for LGBTQ+ and other City employees who are registered in domestic partnerships.
Since 2012, elected officials have participated in the Pride Parade and offered public welcoming remarks at Pridefest.
As a member of the national organization Mayors Against LGBTQ+ Discrimination, I joined other mayors across the country in 2015 in signing on to the amicus brief in support of the marriage equality case before the Supreme Court.
Both the Mayor and the Police Chief have community LGBTQ+ liaisons who work locally and nationally on issues of equality.

A comprehensive list of LGBTQ+ equality efforts is on the City website: (link...)

June is Pride month. I appreciate the work of Knox Pride in organizing the annual parade and Pridefest on Saturday, June 22. This year’s Pridefest will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the first pride march in the country.

The City takes very seriously the safety of everyone in our community. We also take great pride in serving a city that is both diverse and inclusive. We are excited to welcome the LGBTQ+ community and their supporters for PrideFest. We are planning and mobilizing staff to oversee the safety of all those in attendance.

Our goal is a safe and secure atmosphere to allow the diversity of our city to be celebrated. Elected officials, the Knoxville Police Department, the Knoxville Fire Department, and other City employees will be present to support, protect, and participate in this year’s Pride events.

We are actively engaged in ensuring our LGBTQ+ residents and visitors know that Knoxville is a welcoming and inclusive City.

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My spouse predicted last

My spouse predicted last night that this would result in a lot of his cases being reviewed for bias. The morning paper reports at least 10 are being looked at.

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KCSO covering his butt & protecting his retirement


looks like the sheriff is doing about what i’d guessed — covering his butt & protecting his retirement after they’d been comfortable with him for twenty years. LEO culture is purified violence & bigotry.

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